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Key Features

  • Real-time OFDMA & ATDMA Signal Analysis

    Real-time DOCSIS OFDMA and ATDMA burst receivers are available in a statically configured mode, a dynamic in plant SFD test mode, and dynamic analysis of live cable modems - communicating in the network without operational network impact. As a real-time receiver, it provides accurate long term BER measurements.

  • Real-time SC-QAM and OFDM Signal Analysis

    Real-time DOCSIS SC-QAM (J.83 Annex A/B/C) and OFDM receivers offer multiple signal measurements, most significantly a method of measuring long term BER statistics.

  • Dynamic Upstream Analysis

    Using both its upstream and downstream analysis, the DSA can lock onto a CMTS OFDM or SC-QAM downstream communication channel and interpret timing.

    DSA also upstreams transmission information without any impact to the network to provide RF ATDMA and OFDMA upstream performance measurements at any point in the network.

  • Cable Modem Ranging

    The DSA with its sister product the SFD can range both DOCSIS 3.1 and legacy cable modem for production verification of equipment before it ships.

  • Synchronous OFDM Spectrum Analysis

    An OFDM carrier spectrum analyzer with the sample clock tied to the modulated carrier’s symbol clock, allows for accurate adjacent channel measurements.

Cable Operators

DOCSIS signal analysis in the DSA offers cable operators a new detailed understanding of their network and its performance. These insights enable operators to target specific problem areas of their network resulting in more resilient and reliable service to their customers.

HFC Equipment Validation

Fiber nodes, RF Amplifiers, Taps, Splitters, and other equipment that is deployed in HFC networks need to be fully characterized to ensure it does not degrade the signals in the network. The DSA enables high-fidelity long term BER testing.

Cable Modem Manufacturers

The DSA and SFD together offer the ability to range DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 cable modems at multiple signal levels, providing a summary of RF performance at the different levels. This can be used by cable modem manufacturers as a production verification step to ensure a quality product is shipped.

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