Emergency response and emergency resilience

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Responding to disasters caused by natural events, such as fires, floods or storms, infrastructure failures or terrorism, is highly complex. Improve your organisations’ emergency preparedness through risk assessments, training exercises and after‑action reviews.

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Hazard-informed risk assessment

A systematic approach to understanding hazards.

Discover how our risk assessments inform local priorities for emergency preparedness. Our experts employ best practices and methodologies to evaluate the specific hazards affecting your community or municipality.

Emergency response plans

During an emergency is not the time to develop an effective response plan. 

We work with municipalities, communities and infrastructure owners and operators to develop emergency response plans based on their risks. Emergency response plans serve as the essential baseline for rehearsals, exercises and for priority investment.

Tabletop and full‑scale exercises

Multi-agency collaboration before an emergency or crisis builds trust and improves response. Our tabletop and full-scale exercises bring together a wide range of agencies and organizations to build familiarity and enhance resilience.

Nuclear power safety
Industrial accident response
Cross-border incidents
Major event security
Off shore incidents
Emergency management teams
First responders
Media and communications
Public safety

After-action review

identify areas of improvement to guide investments

After the response is over, an after-action review allows leaders to understand what happened and the contributing factors leading up to event. Informed by facts and evidence, an after-action review identifies areas for improvement to guide investment priorities.

Emergency management projects

Emergency management resources

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