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Innovative Solutions

Get a glimpse of what our "brainware" has been working on with emerging technologies delivered by industry experts and simplified to make them work for you. Technology changes at a rapid pace, and we’re here to help your business keep up. At Calian, we specialize in designing and implementing platforms, services, and structures to embrace and support new and emerging technologies.

What We do Best

Calian ITCS specializes in:

  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Telepresence
  • Big data
  • Software-defined Networks
  • Converged infrastructure

Our Projects

Oil & Gas

We worked with multiple offshore oil rigs to give their teams easy access to their network and mission-critical business applications. We created converged racks in our integration facility, shipped the racks to their rigs, and connected them remotely.


A refinery relied on people to manually evaluate safety precautions. We set up IoT devices that connected to secure access points—this removes the human element and automatically provides the data centre with the appropriate information.


We partner with financial services companies to help them connect branches over an SD-WAN. This reduces the time, risk and cost required to get branches up and running. This process includes wireless network access, 24×7 monitoring, and more.

Let's Evolve Together

We’ve worked alongside companies large and small, delivering new and exciting technologies to expand their operations. We’re always ready to start a new project. Tell us what you’re in the market for, and we’ll make it happen. Here’s what we’re capable of:

  • We can show you how to better manage, analyze and secure data.
  • We can scale your business strategically and minimize risk.
  • We can automate processes and remove the human element from repetitive processes or dangerous environments.

Calian knows the risks and threats to which any network is vulnerable. We provide state-of-the-art, modern data centres for faster services with more features, better performance and higher availability.

AI and Machine Learning

Every internet platform is vulnerable to cyber threats and disruptions. Calian has modern technology that helps prevent breaches and provides foolproof security with added layers.

Cyber Protection

Steer clear of any attack as your system gets ready to fight it before it is even executed. The smart AI warns you about malicious URLs that shouldn’t be clicked on.

Memory Protection

Calian offers an added layer of security to enhance basic protection across the board. It prevents intruders from exploiting your system’s vulnerabilities.

Device Protection

Have full control over your environment when it comes to connectivity. You can allow certain devices or set access control to be completely secure.

Customization Protection

Use your stats and reports to your benefit with engaging and user-friendly dashboards that can be helpful in keeping updated with insights.

Security with AI and Machine Learning

On-Premise Deployment

Quick and easy deployment with your local network infrastructure. Secure your physical server or compatible virtual server with efficient solutions.

Cloud Deployment

Convenience is what we stand for. It’s just a one-time integration with no reboots, and no hardware maintenance or operational costs required.

Hybrid Deployment

Get the best of both worlds by facilitating security communication between the cloud and on-premise infrastructure with all the protection that’s required.

IoT (Internet of Things)

What's the Internet of Things?

IoT refers to billions of physical objects or devices that exchange data across devices via the internet. These objects have the ability to process and are comprised of software and other technologies.

A range of industries used IoT devices in order to enhance productivity and improve customer experience.

IoT Vs Smart Device

IoT smart devices have eliminated the need for human interaction. They offer way more value than smart devices with features such as more scalability, upgradability, automation and a future-centric approach.

Data that is obtained from sensors is used by the IoT for the transformation of customer experience and to streamline workflow.

Security and Reliability

The way we create, collect and share data over the internet has completely transformed over the past few years with the evolution of IoT.

Industries That Calian Focuses On


Advanced medical devices are saving lives and making things convenient for practitioners with automated reports, record keeping and modern equipment.


The food and restaurant industry has seen many ups and downs, especially during the pandemic. But the secure and optimized operations offered by Calian are here to help.


Banking, investments and other financial aspects have been made fully secure as far as confidential data is concerned. Customer loyalty and satisfaction come in handy.


Taking connectivity experience to a whole new level with 5G technology solutions that accelerate the overall internet experience.

Lightning-Fast Connectivity

There's unlimited potential and scope for new innovations and unmatched productivity with 5G network technology. Calian ensures faster services at lower costs.

Seamless Deployment

Tried and tested. Calian lets you deploy 5G in under 60 minutes. It’s a full 5G core network that is shrink-wrapped and inflatable.

Automated Service Management

Experience the digital transformation with faster and better new services. It’s flexible and scalable for a large workforce.

Integration and Delivery

Break free from commercial industry-standard infrastructure to experience scalability at network levels with cloud-native design.

Reinvent Core Networks, Enable New Architecture Optimized for 5G Business Needs

Mass Adoption And Investment

The integration of each component is simple. Calian addresses your needs and delivers the 5G solution that is best suited for your business and the results you expect.

Network Transformation

Experience the potential of 5G with the edge and cloud solutions.

Core Solutions

Unlock the open 5G network telco core infrastructure.

Customer Experience

Calian helps deliver the platform at edge with exceptional service.


Intent-based orchestration with modernized digital services.

Branch Connect

With an advanced Branch Connect IT solution from Calian, your organization can quickly roll out new branch locations without the risk of high operational expense.

Home Connect

More than ever, today’s environment requires the proper work/home balance. 360-degree solutions from Calian make it simple and easy to deploy with our signature total care package, backed by our award-winning managed IT and managed security services.

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