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An expansion of the existing space in Saskatoon enables engineering, metrology, project planning, prototyping and production to be under one roof

Calian Composites has expanded their current Saskatoon-based Arthur Rose location to over 30,000ft². The expansion brings the opportunity for increased production capabilities, as well as the ability to venture into new industries that would benefit from advantages of the innovative composite carbon fiber technology.

Calian Composites specializes in the design and production of large high-precision, carbon epoxy, satellite antenna structures. However, they are exploring any new markets that can leverage composite structures that are rustproof, corrosion-resistant, durable and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. They offer composites-specific engineering, metrology, project planning services and prototyping right through to full production of final products and assemblies.

“We are seeing a large uptake in interest for our production capabilities and our expertise in composites manufacturing,” said Michael Rennie, Director of Operations, Calian Composites. “We’ve experienced significant wins in the SATCOM industry with our composite antenna product line, and that has really driven the need for the expansion. But we’re also expanding our R&D to include further prototyping and conceptual testing of composite technology designs and products, enabling us to grow both our customer base and our team.”

Calian Composites supports Calian, Advanced Technologies in Saskatoon by providing custom built, high aperture antennas for satellite communications applications. In addition, Calian Composites is looking to cultivate relationships with Saskatchewan-based industries such as mining supply companies that can leverage the technology of composites in their product or designs.

“In industries like mining, the inherent corrosion protection and lightweight benefits of composites really shine and can provide some substantial cost savings if implemented correctly,” added Rennie. “Saskatchewan companies have a heritage of providing local solutions and supporting each other. Having grown up in Saskatchewan, this is something I take great pride in and want our company to reinforce.”

Calian Composites is currently working with a variety of Canadian and US companies with the intent to strengthen the supply chains of those organizations by becoming their premier qualified OEM supplier.