Creating a connected care experience

Your comprehensive solution for streamlined patient care collaboration.

Calian® Corolar™ suite

Learn how our Corolar suite of products is being used by hospitals and health teams to provide a more connected experience for patients and providers.

Virtual care and collaboration

Empowering healthcare providers to swiftly create top-tier virtual care clinics, seamlessly integrating with their EHR and scheduling systems.

Remote patient monitoring​

Corolar remote patient monitoring (RPM) can cut hospital readmissions, lower healthcare expenses and improve patient satisfaction.

Support a continuum of care

Effortlessly secure and share accurate patient data from EHR/EMR systems with your care team while meeting privacy and security regulations.

Enable clinician collaboration

Streamline patient data integration, view intake details and improve care coordination with shared calendars and secure messaging.

Customize clinics and services

Tailor patient care pathways for provider collaboration, customize intake forms, manage appointments and support group video consults.

Focus on patient care

Maximize patient care time by automating administrative tasks with online intake forms, notifications and waiting room alerts for clinicians.

Corolar™ Cloud

Corolar, an award-winning Interoperability platform, deploys to your public cloud instance, offering advanced integration features, autonomy, control and data sovereignty for enhanced cloud-native efficiency. It simplifies creating, managing and monitoring seamless integration processes across multiple endpoints.

Corolar gives you complete control and ownership of your environment, applications and data. We set you up, you take control.

  • Manage your environment, applications and data and minimize risk exposure.
  • All the benefits of cloud infrastructure, but in your cloud—not ours.
  • Control your data sovereignty according to your unique business needs and regional requirements.
  • You choose how and where your data is stored, how often it’s backed up, which encryption scheme is used and who has physical access to the data.
Whether your target systems are SaaS, on-premises custom apps behind firewalls, or outside of your organization, Corolar hybrid integration means you can easily integrate anything in one interface.

  • No proprietary APIs means greater flexibility to integrate anything in your IT environment.
  • Pre-built and highly customizable adaptors allow for custom integrations on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Exchange and interpret data from any information source including on-prem applications, cloud application, IoT and much more.
  •  Transform between different healthcare messaging standards including HL7, FHIR, CDA.
Corolar is designed using cloud-native technology to bring you the benefits of cloud scalability, self-service and absolute resilience.

  • Instantly scale your organization up or out, improve agility and build redundancy with less risk and lower costs.
  • Backed by hyper-cloud scale, you can now easily process even the most demanding message volume with no hardware requirements.
  • Modernize your IT operations and free-up resources for high-value initiatives and growth.
Corolar enables interface developers to develop end-to-end interoperability solutions involving any combination of cloud-resident and on-premises endpoints. The interfaces built on the platform can be centrally monitored and managed by ordinary users using the interface dashboard component.
The more integration points you manage, the greater your risk and exposure. Calian leverages decades of cybersecurity expertise to ensure the Corolar interoperability platform is secure by design.

  • Manage users and define roles to control access to specific features, actions and interfaces.
  • Tokenization of sensitive data in transit provides security and confidentiality.
  • Compliance with regulatory mandates and ISO standards: PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, EU GDPR and others.

Corolar Virtual Care case study: Orléans Health Hub

Powered by Corolar Virtual Care, the Orléans Health Hub (OHH) is an innovative concept in integrated healthcare. The OHH brings together a wide range of clinical and community partners in a one-stop “hub” for patients to get seamless access to healthcare services all in one place, in English and French. 
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Corolar Virtual Care

Corolar Virtual Care (CVC) is a Microsoft Teams native solution for healthcare providers to rapidly launch virtual services that fit your patients' needs. Clinicians can easily access patient data within Microsoft Teams for better collaboration with care teams and better outcomes for patients.

One clinic experience

Manage virtual walk-ins, schedule appointments and triage patients across multiple clinics in a single unified view.

Customize care pathways

Design and configure forms and interactions for different clinic types to simplify patient check-in and streamline the experience.

Engage patients

Send secure messages, notifications and reminders through email, SMS or phone. Leverage chat and view upcoming and past appointments.

Collaborate with partners

See all clinic appointments—regardless of source system—within Microsoft Teams. Access patient status and history for improved care.

Improve access

Add participants to an appointment as needed and launch group sessions— even during live Teams calls.

Increase efficiency

Quickly and efficiently capture notes from virtual care visits in the patient’s EHR, without leaving the Teams environment.

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Corolar remote patient monitoring

Corolar remote patient monitoring (RPM) can help reduce the number of re-admissions to hospitals, reduce healthcare costs and provide an enhanced patient experience while supporting the continuum of care. When patients can be safely monitored from wherever they are, they benefit from a less stressful care experience and faster recovery.

Clinician view

A portal for healthcare providers to view remote device outputs, patient information and health data to assess the patient’s health and manage their care plan.

loT devices

We have access to over 400 devices that help safely monitor patients with various conditions in the comfort of their home.

Patient app

A patient app to complete check-ins, respond to information requests, receive care plan instructions and connect to the remote device.

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