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Specialized Military Leadership and Occupational Trades Training

The rising threat to global peace, security and economic stability is evolving at an alarming rate. Leadership and occupational training are fundamental to meet and anticipated the ever-changing challenges. To stay one step ahead, military leaders need the appropriate and fundamental leadership and professional education and expertise to lead and manage. Every member requires the appropriate training to attain and develop the skills and knowledge to perform the assigned tasks and duties of their trades. Calian has the military experts, training technologies and solutions to build the confidence of military leaders, and to attain the needed occupational trades skills and experience to complete operational tasks.

Specialized Individual and Collective Training Solutions for Military Leadership and Occupational Trades

To train your personnel to be the best, they need to learn from the best. However, your top experts may not always be in the best position to engage in training and mentoring.

Excellence and Dependability

Calian can match skills requirements of high-ranking officers and staff with renowned subject matter experts in the relevant field, bringing a level of insight and real-life experience unrivalled by any other defence consultancy.

Calian has built a reputation for excellence and dependability across international organizations, military and governments. High-ranking leaders work with us to devise training that is unique, informed, in-depth and delivered within a timeframe that is appropriate to the content.

Our Approach to Training

Our blended learning approach includes:

  • Presentations

  • One-to-one coaching

  • One-to-many classroom/virtual learning/eLearning

  • Contact hours with designated, high-profile mentors

  • Practice sessions

  • Handbooks

  • Senior mentor support for military trainers

Calian also provides senior mentor support to NSOs delivering training courses within their own environments. This can include role-playing as a commander, providing direction and guidance, taking back briefs and providing feedback on performance.