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Immersive Training Technologies

Immersive training technologies (ITTs) provide a powerful tactical training experience to enhance the individual performance and collective readiness of any military. The use of ITTs is less costly and risky than traditional training. Since today's generation of soldiers consume more digital experiences than previous ones, ITTs are highly effective for these soldiers. ITTs provide increased efficiencies by allowing for more people to be trained anytime and anywhere, with a complete picture of the scenario. Training using 360 video, speech recognition, sensors, touch response, mobile applications, AR, VR, MR and XR mimics military scenarios in real life as closely as possible.

Defence Immersive Training Demos

Core Suite

To ease development of immersive training and experiences, Calian uses a proprietary suite of technologies called Core Suite. It is made up of three major components that build upon each other to provide a framework. Each suite has been developed in house giving Calian complete control over the code base to make improvements and specializations that bring the most value to customers.

Virtual Reality Core (VRCore)

Virtual Reality Core (VRCore) is our set of basic VR interactions, based on the six simplest machines—inclined plane, wheel and axle, wedge, screw, lever and pully—which define the way we interact with the real world. VRCore uses a similar set of interactions that allow someone with virtual manipulators to affect their world. From simple objects that only allow pick-up and physics, to more classical machines, such as the lever or screw, our simple objects are combined to create fully functional complex interactions. This can be done quickly, with maximum code reuse to reduce wasted effort and ensure that new techniques can be applied to the entire code base.

Telemetry Core (TLCore)

Telemetry Core (TLCore) builds out from VRCore to provide a way to collect and organize data from the virtual environment. With the correct hardware installed TLCore can record the location and orientation of a player’s head, hands, waist and feet, their location in the world, every object they have interacted with, and every object they have looked at. This basic information allows it to replicate a single person moving through the experience. In supported headsets, we can track the user’s eye movement, mouth movement and any sounds they make. This data is either written to disk or exported live directly to a database that allows customers to query the raw data to better understand what people are doing and how they can deliver better products and services. This data can also be used in an upcoming visualization app to see how many people move through at once and create heat maps based on users’ input.

Experience Core (EXCore)

Experience Core (EXCore) is our high-level experience manager. EXCore manages all the interactions needed to supply an experience to the player. From animation triggering to in-experience events to dialog to details, each activity in the experience is controlled by a set of external human-readable files that allows for rapid development and quick changes by the customer to push changes to the experience. When working with EXCore both developers and clients can make changes to ensure the end experience is exactly what is needed.


T.A.S.R. (pronounced “taser”) provides the ability to augment new or existing training capabilities by adding voice-driven interaction between the trainee and the training system. Unlike other speech recognition solutions that require either extensive engineering commitment (and cost) or are de-scoped so severely that they cannot support a practical training solution, T.A.S.R. provides a ready-made speech-recognition solution packaged for immediate integration into a new or existing training system. T.A.S.R. gets integrators beyond the question of “does speech recognition work” and onto the question of “will speech recognition work with my training solution?”. T.A.S.R. is a lower cost, lower risk, initial move into augmenting training with speech recognition.

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