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Why Calian?

Calian applies expert and court-defensible protocols to support clients such as Canada Border Services Agency, Government of Alberta, Correctional Services Canada, Ottawa Police and Peel Regional Police. Our network of clinical and forensic psychologists has extensive training in law enforcement and specialty team selection with gold standard psychological assessment protocol.

Selection Services

We provide recruit selection in hiring of officer candidates and selection in specialty unit placement (i.e. Public Safety Unit; Tactical Unit). We provide ongoing continuous improvement support to ensure best practices as our customers’ needs evolve.

Suitability to Carry a Duty Firearm

We also provide re-arming assessments of employees for whom the duty firearm and defensive tools have been removed—such as following a critical incident, firearm discharge on duty, a traumatic event, or following non-administrative removal for substance abuse including recovery and/or sobriety management.

Fitness for Duty

Similar to re-arming, we provide fitness for duty assessments following medical leave for psychological reasons and psychological clearance for return to full duties after medical approval has been granted.

Reporting and Legal Defense Services

Calian provides assessment results such as “meets” or “does not meet” required standards to the project authority or designated representative. Feedback is also available on individual assessment results to candidates upon request. Calian also defends psychological evaluations when required.

Intervention Services

Intervention for specific concerns (addictions treatment and relapse prevention programming) and post-traumatic incident intervention at both an individual and group level as required.

Our success is rooted in our people.

Meet our experts

William Barker

Psychological Services

Dr. William Barker, Calian’s Chief Psychologist, has over forty-three years of experience as a clinical psychologist and over forty years’ experience working with law enforcement and other public safety entities. During that time he has performed over 18,000 assessments for psychological readiness of new recruits.

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Elizabeth James

Psychological Services

Elizabeth is a Health Services Contract Manager. With over 9 years managing contracts, she acts as the lead for our psychological assessment portfolio. Working closely with our Psychologist network and administrative team she focuses on relationship growth, operational efficiency and delivering timely results.

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Hicham Farhat


Hicham is a Health Services Director and solutions management professional who has been with Calian since 2005 leading both private sector and government health programs. Hicham works closely with operations leads across Canada to ensure high customer satisfaction through delivery excellence. With established national and international partners, Hicham is the primary point of contact for all new health related initiatives.

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