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Streamline healthcare workflows

Optimize healthcare provider time through data-driven automation to deliver higher quality patient interactions at a lower cost.

Nexi automates workflow processes to reduce the administrative burden, accelerate the delivery of care and reduce human error from manual data entry. Care providers can manage everything from intake to service delivery to billing and reimbursement to reporting—all in one unified environment.

Automate workforce management

Assign the right care provider at the right time in the right location with the push of a button.

Nexi automates workforce management to help healthcare delivery organizations track qualified, professional personnel across their networks. Assign full-time, part-time and occasional healthcare providers—leveraging the growing gig economy while ensuring the highest level of quality care.

Provide convenient access to virtual care

Care teams can initiate video call sessions right from the Nexi platform for virtual consultations, patient education, and treatment follow-ups. Access to updated case histories and appointment notes during video sessions leaves more time for care delivery. Patients can connect to secure sessions with their care providers from any device—offering greater choice, privacy and convenience.

View real-time analytics for unprecedented transparency

Get valuable insights to improve patient care with the intuitive Nexi dashboard. Nexi real-time analytics offer transparent reporting and monitoring of clinical KPIs for more efficient care delivery, improved collaboration and reduced costs. Administrators can easily configure reports to track their key data and keep all stakeholders aligned using permission-based rights.

Collaborate for better patient outcomes

Create a secure collaboration experience for all providers in the care pathway by integrating patient intake details, care plans, healthcare provider assignments, communications, case histories and documents in one convenient dashboard. Nexi integrates patient data and communications for all care providers, helping you speed the delivery of care, increase the quality of patient interactions and facilitate real-time monitoring.

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Our Experts

At the core of a strong team are a set of strong shared values. Our health team operates around values we believe help us build the best experience for patients, clients and the healthcare industry as a whole. Together, we are innovating patient care and impacting the lives of people every day.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is the President of two healthcare companies, Allphase Clinical Research Inc. (est. 2001) and Alio Health Services Inc. (est. 2012). Allphase implements and manages Phase 2 to 4 clinical trials for pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Alio Health specializes in Patient Support Program services that include assisting patients in securing reimbursement for expensive specialty medications and providing administration services, facilitated by a specialized proprietary software for maximal efficiency. Collectively both companies employ more than 370 permanent staff and over 500 nurse contractors across Canada. In January 2020, Allphase and Alio were acquired by Calian Group Ltd. Jeff remains at the helm of both organizations.

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Kaytlin Sadler

As Vice President, Kaytlin contributes every day to the mission at Alio Health, acquired by Calian in 2020. She helps define and execute Alio’s strategic objectives and plans for new business opportunities. Overseeing internal operations and building strong client relationships, she has helped maximize Alio’s operational pace to achieve real outcomes. Kaytlin played a key role in the strategic evolution of the Calian Nexi platform, innovative software that delivers a better healthcare experience today and is helping to shape where the industry is headed. In keeping with Alio’s efforts to challenge and empower its employees, she has built a strong, confident team of diverse yet like-minded individuals.

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