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Digital Solutions | Toronto, ON

City of Toronto: Enhancing Software for Better Scheduling

Calian rolled out a new time and attendance scheduling solution for the City of Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation and Paramedics Services. Read more:
Learn More About "City of Toronto: Enhancing Software for Better Scheduling"

Digital Solutions | Ottawa, ON

Ericsson: Application and Firmware Development for 5G

Calian provides flexibility and support to Ericsson’s development team for their 5G efforts on both application and firmware development. Learn more:
Learn More About "Ericsson: Application and Firmware Development for 5G"

Digital Consulting Solutions

Helping organizations improve their operations through transformative IT and digital infrastructure projects for more than 20 years.

Digital On-Demand

Upgrading, migrating and implementing enterprise software —either on-premise or in the cloud—are significant projects. Few organizations have the in-house depth of experience and capabilities to deliver these projects on their own. This is where Calian steps in and provides enterprises with access to consultant expertise targeted to their specific needs to get them through these major initiatives.

Digital Enterprise Transformation

Going through a “rip and replace” with a major piece of enterprise software? Calian has delivered entire projects for clients with a focus on change management, training and communications to ensure a smooth and event-free transition for consumers, users and operators of the new system as they move from old to new.

Digital Cloud Adoption

Migrating an existing application to its cloud equivalency or replacing an existing application in its entirety with a cloud SaaS solution? Calian brings experience, knowledge and expertise to the table to ensure that the transition goes smoothly with minimal impact to operations while realizing the additional benefits that the new solution has to offer.

Our success is rooted in our people.

Meet our experts

Greg Beauchamp

Digital Solutions

Greg is the Director responsible for Calian’s Digital Consulting business. Greg has over 30 years of industry experience providing both Consulting and Project solutions to clients who are undergoing Digital transformations. Greg’s team focuses on creating an imbedded team that utilizes the clients preferred methodologies creating a consultant experience that meshes and is easily handed back to the client.

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Curtis Clapp

Digital Solutions

Curtis is a Senior Manager for Calian’s Digital Consulting business. Curtis has over 15 years of industry experience and manages Calian’s Federal Gov’t Sales and Delivery teams. Curtis’ teams work with Clients to provide Digital consulting expertise that matches their technical needs while meshing into the Clients culture. Curtis’ sales team works with clients to understand and articulate their specific consulting needs while the delivery team works to fulfill those needs with consultants that are well matched and well vetted.

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Adam Smith

Digital Solutions

Adam is a Director responsible for Calian’s Information and Communications Technology Sector business. Adam has over 20 years experience providing consulting solutions to the largest players in this industry including Ericsson and Ciena. Adam has developed unique contractual arrangements that involve these clients outsourcing critical components of their engineering SW and Firmware development and support efforts to Calian.

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Linda Finnen

Digital Solutions

Linda is a Senior Contract Manager for Calian’s Digital Consulting business. Linda has over 25 years industry experience managing large delivery teams involved in all aspects of the enterprise Software lifecycle including; Project Management, Architecture, Analysis, Development and Testing. Linda’s goal is customer satisfaction; for both the client and the Calian workforce. Making sure there is a real and clear alignment between the Client goals and the Workforce deployed ensures that the Client receives the best possible outcome.

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