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Cybersecurity Solutions

When the "New Normal" includes human involvement in cyber security

It's hard to believe that the majority of the world's knowledge-based economy workers have been working from home for two months. It seems like just yesterday that we all got the notice to pack our laptops up and head for home. And...
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Just how much does your company truly know about cyber security?

If I've said it before, I'll say it again: everybody needs to be a cyber security expert in 2020 and beyond. And though that may sound slightly hyperbolic, it's actually not even close to how we as a global society need to...
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Cybersecurity Solutions

When it Comes to Cyber Security, it's Always Good to be Skeptical

Amidst everything going on in the world over the past few weeks, the attention of the world's population has been almost solely focused on the latest news reports, along with the hope that everything will go back to normal as soon as...
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Your company's enemy within

The topic of cyber security is never an easy subject. The breadth of solutions needed in this day and age to thwart attackers is at an all-time high, while breaches seem to be climbing exponentially driving the need for solutions.
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Cyber Assessments

At Calian, we know that building the right cyber security foundation is imperative to your success. Our cyber assessments service reviews your current security infrastructure, processes, and practices to include vulnerabilities, privacy impacts, threats, risks and maturity, and evaluates them all against widely accepted best practices and frameworks. Once an assessment is completed, we then build a detailed plan to improve all areas, including culture, policies, regulatory compliance requirements, and more—all while addressing your business objectives now and in the future.

Product Implementation & Integration

With so many technologies and manufacturers to choose from, organizations often struggle with picking the right mix of products. Calian helps alleviate that struggle by aiding in the selection of the technologies and manufacturers that integrate and work well together—resulting in the elimination of delays and unexpected costs—to deliver products built to fulfill your criteria for success. In fact, our 38-year history of providing integration services, our experienced development team, and our expertise with a wide range of products and integration technologies, will fully enable organizations to maximize their return on investment.

Cyber Awareness Training

Being aware of potential and real-time threats is everyone's responsibility. Our cyber awareness training ensures your employees are aware of cybercrime and the associated techniques—bringing your entire team up to speed on the latest cyber scams and criminal activities. From phishing scams and social engineering to the latest cybersecurity threats—we educate and test employees in a controlled and safe manner.

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