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Cloud Application Development

Automate business processes for a reliable, enriched customer experience.

Custom Solutions: Cloud-ready applications tailored to your needs. Our team of business analysts, architects and technical resources will provide an end-to-end experience from requirements gathering to development to deployment, with 24/7/365 managed services.

Low Code/No Code: Our team has deep knowledge and experience creating innovative applications using Power Apps and Power Platform that streamline business processes, enhance data management and analytics, and increase productivity.

Cloud Migration: Our experts work with your IT team to ensure the migration is aligned with your overall cloud strategy. We will identify and migrate digital assets, applications, databases and other resources that should be moved to the cloud.

Modernize Legacy Applications with Cloud-Native Solutions to Achieve Agility, Innovation and Efficiency

Enterprise Technology & Architecture Assessments

The Calian technology experts will assess your current state and make recommendations on how to best modernize your applications and system ecosystem to ensure the organization gets the most out its digital investments.

Technology Refresh

Transform your legacy application leveraging the latest technology stacks and making them cloud ready while reducing the ongoing operational cost

Managed Services

Provide ongoing development and operational support to your applications (need some marketing magic to expend this)

Case Study: Learn how Calian built a unified data platform for the Better Outcomes Registry Network (BORN) Ontario

Read the Case Study

Enterprise Integration Services and Capabilities

Integrate applications, systems, data and devices with our integration platform.

Enterprise Application Integration: Integrate mission-critical business platforms with our enterprise hybrid cloud integration and governance platform to achieve seamless application interoperability and eliminate data silos.

Data Integration: Develop, deploy, execute, manage and monitor integration processes and data flows to streamline business processes, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

API Management: Implement the tools and framework to monitor, control and manage your organization’s application program interfaces in a secure and scalable environment.

Cloud Native: Built in the cloud for the cloud, our integration platform can be deployed into any cloud instance for maximum control.

Corolar Cloud iPaaS

Calian Corolar Cloud is an enterprise hybrid integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It is an ideal hybrid cloud integration and governance platform for data and application modernization in a heterogeneous IT environment.

The Corolar Cloud iPaaS delivers a rapid, reliable, and scalable interoperability solution for enterprise organizations. Corolar is built from the ground up to bring application integration and management together with a data-centric approach in the hybrid cloud world. Corolar brings a set of cloud services for mission-critical enterprise integration. It brings a set of cloud services for mission-critical enterprise integration that includes APIs, orchestration, messaging, and events services.

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Manage, build, test and deploy software efficiently.

DevOps Pipelines: Automate operational processes around your development cycle, such as CI/CD, integration with automation testing and production deployment automation.

DevOps Tools: Manage your DevOps tool operationally, including installation, upgrades, configuration, backups, restores, performance and security.

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Our Azure architecture services take a holistic view of your IT infrastructure, considering all aspects of your environment to determine the appropriate cloud platform that is ready to scale and integrate with your legacy infrastructure.

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