The Calian acquisition of Computex more than doubles the size of the Calian IT and Cyber Solutions division, but it also opens a wide range of complementary solutions in healthcare, communications, learning and advanced technologies across industries.

Computex employees, referred to as “brainware”, include engineers and consultants with deep expertise and solid customer relationships. Among the most important benefits of the expanded team is the addition of this highly skilled brainware.

Prior to the acquisition, Calian already offered a diverse portfolio of products and services. The addition of Computex, with its 30-year history of providing sophisticated IT and cybersecurity solutions in the US, opens new opportunities for Calian to innovate through its existing cybersecurity, enterprise and everything-as-a-service solutions. It also provides existing customers of both companies with new solutions and services that can be integrated into other areas of their business.

For example, virtual care solutions, one of the fastest-growing areas of the Calian healthcare portfolio, leverage the advanced cybersecurity capabilities of the Calian ITCS division to ensure security and privacy for patient data, while protecting providers from breaches and cyber attacks. Calian learning solutions, including immersive training and virtual reality, e-learning, gamification, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, draw upon the sophisticated technology developed by the Calian team for a wide variety of industries and applications.

The addition of Computex IT and cyber solutions, built and implemented by their talented team of experts, opens up a world of possibilities for Calian and its customers, helping them communicate, innovate and lead safe and healthy lives.

Read the press release.

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