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Unit Design and Manufacture

Calian’s comprehensive engineering and manufacturing teams have produced a wide variety of products supporting commercial, government, defense and agriculture industries.

Our teams excel at all aspects of unit level design and manufacturing including CCAs, wiring harnesses and cables, chassis and custom racks.

Subsystem Design and Manufacture

Calian has extensive experience producing RF and microwave subsystems including switch matrices, radar head ends, up/down converters, modulators, and waveguide networks.

We produce instrumentation for some of the largest test equipment manufacturers in the world on an OEM basis.

System Design and Manufacture

Calian’s design experience ranges from complex cryogenic cooling systems for deep space antenna systems to complex communication systems used by our satellite provider customers.

Our system engineering teams follow strict process ensuring the systems we design meet or exceed all of our customers’ requirements.

Test Systems

Calian has the expertise to design and develop virtually any test system, no matter how complex.

Our test solutions are designed to validate your test requirements, streamline your testing, increase reliability, speed time to market and ultimately save you money.

Calian offers test solutions for design verification as well as manufacturing test solutions.

Commercial and Government Applications

Calian’s has been providing our customers with RF Systems, planning and management systems, in-orbit test systems, satellite gateway systems, mission operation systems and monitor and control systems since the 1990s.

Military Applications

The Vetronics products we design, and manufacture are used in some of the most demanding conditions across a multitude of military applications.

Calian designs and manufactures products including Power Control/Monitoring products, high power amplifiers for tactical radios, fire suppression modules and man-portable radar units.

By meeting strict quality, functional and E3 requirements, Calian ensures our products are reliable, regardless of the operational scenarios they are exposed to.

Automated Test Solutions

Calian has designed and manufactured automated test solutions for a multitude of high-speed digital and RF products or systems.

Our team developed a complex system used to test the Canadarm2 prior to being launched in space, as well as automated test equipment used to verify performance of numerous Vetronics units.

System Integration and Test

The units, subsystems and systems that are designed and manufactured by Calian complete an extensive test program prior to being delivered to our customers.

Whether the integration and testing completed is done onsite or at a customer location, Calian ensures our products and services meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.


Commercial Manufacturing


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Life Cycle Management

Calian not only designs and manufactures exceptional products and services, but we also offer a complete life cycle management program in support of our customer’s products. Whether it’s effectively managing spares inventory, performing obsolesce management activities or completing Repair and Overhaul (R&O) services on returned products, we support our customers from initial design through product end of life – and everywhere in between!

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Qualification Testing

Calian has comprehensive on-site System Integration, Qualification and Test capabilities that are used for all products, services and systems that are developed and manufactured within our facility. Our multi-million-dollar inventory of high precision test equipment which includes high-capacity thermal chambers, vibration and shock tables, is used to validate product requirements ensuring the highest level of quality.

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Design Evolution

A part of Calian’s engineering breadth and depth includes the design evolution of a product or service. This can range from simple product enhancements to complex architecture changes. Whether the design evolution is specific to a Calian product, or a product that was developed by one of our customers, our engineering teams can provide the services and expertise required to move a product into the next generation of capabilities.

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Wiring Harnesses and Cables

Calian designs and manufactures wiring harness and cable assemblies as part of our in-house manufacturing services. We have an extensive inventory of automated equipment to produce a wide variety of cables and harnesses that are currently being used in the commercial, government and defence industries. From simple coaxial assemblies to complex multi-branch wiring harnesses found in military combat vehicles, Calian delivers high-quality, E3 certified products in low to high volume quantities.

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Circuit Card Assembly (CCA)

As an industry leader in design and manufacture of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs), Calian uses both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-hole Technology (THT) allowing flexibility to support new and legacy designs. Calian specializes in low to medium-rate production of CCAs from simple to highly complex designs. By following all IPC and industry standards, we ensure that customer requirements are met across all programs inclusive of commercial, government and defence.

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RF Systems

Calian designs and integrates complex RF systems for satellite communications, deep space and radio astronomy. Solutions include antennas, baseband, control, tracking, measurement and telemetry systems for space communications from L-band to V-band.

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