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Digitize and transport satellite signals around the world

Unlock a world of possibilities with the Transporter's versatile applications such as virtualization, digitalization, site diversity, security, monitoring, and recording. Benefit from its Digital IF (RF over IP) technology that offers scalability, flexibility, enhanced signal quality, and reliability. Transporter’s user-friendly HTML5 interface allows for easy operation on all platforms, including Android and IOS devices, making configuration and monitoring a breeze from anywhere in the world.

The Transporter's advanced specifications, including dual input and output analog ports, 100 Gbps QSFP ports, DIFI standards compliance, and REST monitor and control interface, ensure seamless integration and exceptional mechanical performance in a compact 1RU design.

    The Calian Transporter Digitizer provides numerous advantages to its users

    Transporter excels in converting analog signals into digital packets, enabling the streaming of satellite signals worldwide. This conversion process ensures that the signals can be easily transferred across any IP network, allowing for efficient and seamless communication.

    • Wide frequency range

      Transporter provides a very wide operating frequency range from 450 MHz to 4.0 GHz, while supporting an instantaneous bandwidth up to 500 MHz. The bit depth of the digital signals can be configured between 4 and 14 bits to allow the user to trade off signal fidelity and network data traffic.

    • Powerful FPGA processing

      The Calian Transporter Digitizer is equipped with powerful internal FPGA processing technology, which helps preserve signal quality and timing. Its low noise floor and large dynamic range make it ideal for digitizing various types of satellite carriers in different facilities. The device is also signal agnostic, supporting signals from satellites of various orbits and types, including FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA signals.

    • Secure built-in Ethernet port

      Transporter Digitizer ensures secure monitor and control through its built-in Ethernet port using HTTPS, providing network access to staff members connected to the facility network or a corporate-wide area network for easy configuration and monitoring from any location worldwide.

    • User-friendly HTML5 user interface

      Additionally, the Transporter boasts a user-friendly HTML5-based interface that can be accessed from any browser or platform, including Android and IOS devices, enhancing its accessibility and ease of use.

    • DIFI standards

      In addition to these features, the Transporter's Digital IF (RF over IP) technology offers scalability, flexibility, efficiency, enhanced signal quality, resiliency, reliability, and interoperability based on DIFI standards.

    • Multiple applications

      This technology enables a wide range of applications such as virtualization, digitalization, site diversity, security, monitoring, and recording, making the Transporter an invaluable tool for various communication needs in the satellite communications industry.


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