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Available Infrastructure

Directly adjacent to our Headquarters in Saskatoon, Calian, Advanced Technologies provides Earth Station hosting and operational support services.

Currently hosting 5 large aperture antennas, Calian, Advanced Technologies supports LEO and GEO ground station operations and provides expert maintenance and technical support services to its tenants.

Our site has room to accommodate more ground stations and indoor equipment, with modern communications, backup power, and secure facilities.

Our Team

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians have the know-how to design and maintain highly available systems. They are available on-call to quickly troubleshoot problems when they arise, as well as implementing customized and timely maintenance programs, in order to prevent problems before they occur.

Our Location

Calian Advanced Technologies’ geographical location at Lat 52.1°N, Lon 106.6°W in central North America, with plenty of access to Greenfield locations only a few minutes away. Our region has favorable ground station characteristics with low seismic activity, dry climate, and above average sunshine hours per year. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, and easy access to shipping and airports, makes us an attractive choice when planning the build-out of new earth station facilities.

Saskatoon Climate Averages

Access to Sites in Canada

Over the years of delivering ground stations in Canada and worldwide, we have established relationships and helped develop infrastructure in other regions. We have particular experience and knowledge of Canadian Arctic locations, where we can host your infrastructure and/or build the facilities you need.

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