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Mission Operations Systems Development

Under its Satellite Operations contract with the Canadian Space Agency, Calian, Advanced Technologies provided significant engineering support for the in-house development and continued operations of the SCISAT Mission Operations Centre (MOC), which is subsequently used as a low-cost entry point for the development and integration of other missions like NEOSSat and M3MSat. The MOC provides a mechanism to reduce the cost and shorten the development phases, which is attractive for future missions.

Spacecraft Engineering

Calian, Advanced Technologies provides ongoing support throughout the mission lifecycle including operations planning, operations development, LEOP support, routine operations and anomaly investigations and recoveries. Our Engineering team has a wealth of knowledge whose expertise is well distributed in power, thermal, propulsion, attitude control, communications, as well as, avionics.

Flight Dynamics

Our flight dynamics group maintains up-to-date orbit knowledge of the fleet, and is responsible for orbit corrections maintaining specific mission characteristics or for collision avoidance. As the near-Earth space become more congested, it is increasingly necessary to have skilled flight personnel that know how to assess and deal with the threat of collision.

On-Console Operations

At Calian we have highly experienced real-time operations personnel for contact planning, on-console real-time activities, and maintenance of ground segment platforms. Our cross-trained staff are also proficient with the maintenance of RF, baseband, and full-motion antenna equipment.

Ground Systems Support

A successful mission relies on an underlying stable and modern ground system. Our ground systems analysts and technicians understand the critical nature of maintaining operational platforms and systems. Our team is continually supporting our customers with upgrades to infrastructure, tools, and real-time systems to ensure high performance, throughput and availability around the clock.

Consulting Services

Calian, Advanced Technologies can rely on over 25 years of design & operations experience to provide wide-ranging analysis and recommendations for all phases of your mission. From design concept analyses to critical review and development, our multi-faceted group can assist such that your transition to operations follows as smooth as possible.

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