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Comprehensive Testing

AureLink enables tests and verifies the interoperability of the DOCSIS 4.0 cable modems in FDD and FDX modes. This ensures that cable modems and CCAP cores will function seamlessly in your network. AureLink supports a full suite of DOCSIS 4.0 channel lineups enabling versatile test cases for cable modems.

Standardized Validation

AureLink provides a unique standards-based solution to provide independent validation for cable modem interoperability with CCAP cores. All DOCSIS 4.0 cable modems can use the same validation platform, which leads to greater standardization and consistency across the industry.


By verifying interoperability in your testing environment, AureLink helps prevent costly errors and issues that could arise in the field. This can save you time and money on service calls and repairs.

Future Proof

AureLink is programmable and capable of modifications and enhancements that offer a reliable, future-proofed solution for testing and verifying interoperability as cable operators transition to DOCSIS 4.0 technology and beyond.

Increased Transparency

AureLink is FPGA-based, which allows for greater flexibility in performing measurements that cannot be easily obtained from other commercially available Remote-PHY devices. This gives you better visibility to troubleshoot issues in your cable modem testing.

For More Information

Calian’s AureLink is your trusted independent, third-party FPGA-based DOCSIS 4.0 cable modem testing solution, offering unparalleled reliability and innovation.

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Aurelink DOCSIS 4.0 remote PHY test platform


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