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Precision Surface Accuracy for Ka-, Q-, V-band Frequencies

Our composite carbon fiber antennas have a precision reflective surface that enables operation to Q/V band & beyond. The carbon fiber design achieves a significant reduction in thermal distortion compared to metal - a critical factor at maintaining performance at higher frequencies.

Integrated Back-Up Structure

The reflector includes an integrated back-up structure molded directly into the panels. This creates a large single piece, uniform reflector that remains dimensionally stable during temperature variations

Antenna Control System

Our 3-axis ACS employs two-channel monopulse tracking with an integrated tracking receiver. There are no proprietary interfaces in display systems, controller interfaces or DC brushless motor drivers. The system is remotely controllable and updateable.

Innovative In-Panel De-Ice System

The all electric de-ice system simplifies site acquisition, reduces cost and eliminates the need for gas heating.


Ka Q V Band Gateway Antennas


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