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Hybrid and Private Cloud

Not all information belongs in the cloud. Calian hybrid and private cloud solutions offer the best of both worlds with one-stop hybrid as well as private cloud computing. Share your cloud computing across organizations, within your own infrastructure, or at both public and private levels at the same time.

Efficient Operations

Ensure improved cost efficiency and lower errors with automated performance management. Modern data centres think and see ahead of any action to make the operations smooth and secure.

Delivering Automation

Calian helps you figure out your infrastructural needs and allows you to provision, test and update the applications in a way that is more effective, cost-friendly, fast and secure.

Planning and Management

Planning and documentation of all the data to be relocated helps streamline the process and keeps a record for the feature to learn from any potential mistakes.

Data Center

Relocation from the source data centre to the new one is made seamless and smooth alongside real-time critical communication with all stakeholders.


All applications are supported across data centres as well as remote sites that run on subscription-based software.


Stay up to date with the modern trends that can impact your business and move ahead of traditional outdated infrastructure quickly.

Flexible Infrastructure

With a private cloud, the resources are solely used by an organization for guaranteed control and security. To meet certain business requirements, customizations are possible.

Enhanced Scalability

The private environment offered by the private cloud can only be accessed by certain users. Providers have the freedom to customize the features to fit the needs of a company and its users.

Resiliency and Interoperability

Interoperation workload allows it to efficiently run in both setups: private and public. Moving workloads between private and public data centres makes it easier for companies to meet regulatory requirements.

Agility and Compliance

Hybrid cloud comes with more resource options, which makes it easier to provision and scale an organization’s resources. Companies can shift the traffic to the public cloud to meet any sudden demand spikes.


Calian helps reduce the cost of maintaining various systems by integration that leads to less manpower involved in streamlining workflow and ultimately enhances profitability.

Customer Loyalty

Jump on this bandwagon and focus on the things that are important, such as improving customer service and the quality of the product.

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