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Threat Prevention and Management

A threat prevention and management solution from Calian provides peace of mind, with web security protection, downtime prevention and CISCO email security. Calian offers a firepower next-generation firewall and ISE network access control.

Web Security Protection

We deploy and manage umbrella virtual appliances and roaming agents. Security policy management from Calian includes intelligent proxy w/ SSL decryption event management, alerting and tuning to reduce false positives and “noise”. Respond to incidents utilizing umbrella services.

Advanced Malware End-Point Protection

We deploy and manage AMP agents and provide endpoint policy development, event management, alerting and tuning to reduce false positives and “noise”. Event validation, triage, and review/analysis of suspect email uncovers threat indicators and intel. Respond to incidents utilizing AMP services.

CISCO E-mail Security

We provide mail flow policy and configuration management. Email encryption and Data Loss. Prevention policy management. Implementation of Cisco forged email detection best practices. Quarantine management.

Firepower Next-Gen Firewall

24x7x365 SNMP-based device health and availability monitoring. Policy and configuration management, tuning and optimization. Management of site-to-site and client remote-access VPNs. Management of nextgen security features.

ISE Network Access Control

Design and deployment of ISE infrastructure. Configuration of up to three network access devices. Development and implementation of standard ISE wired and wireless use cases based on ISE Base and Plus licensing feature sets. Implementation of device administration use case. As-built documentation and up to one day of knowledge transfer.

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