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Mabuhay Aquila 2 Systems

Calian, Advanced Technologies supplied the complete In-Orbit Test and Communications Monitoring System for providing the in-orbit test capability of the Aguila satellite. The system also provided the capability for performing monitoring of the communications traffic being carried on the satellite.


Calian, Advanced Technologies provided the RF Equipment (RFE) for MexSat’s next generation of satellites under contract to Boeing. The new satellites depend on Ground-Based Beam Forming (GBBF) to deliver a variety of voice and data services across Mexico. This system included the installation of two antennas each at Mexico City and Hermosillo, Mexico.

Measat 3 TT&C System

Calian, Advanced Technologies was responsible for the design, procurement, integration, installation and commissioning of the Measat-3 antenna, RF, baseband, and timing subsystems for Boeing’s Measat-3 Satellite Control Facilities at the Cyberjaya (prime) and Astro (backup) earth stations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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