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Effective, clear, factual and strategic communication is critical during a crisis. How we communicate with the public, other partner agencies and organizations, will influence how well the event is managed and will have long lasting impacts on the trust and confidence in your organization.

For over 20 years, Calian has been trusted by medium to large government and private sector organizations across Canada to help them prepare for when the consequences of failure are unacceptable. This has included providing media communication training and crisis communications training for senior government officials as well as developing and delivering interoperable communication training exercises for responding agencies and municipalities.

This webinar will provide you with an overview of the strategies, tools and techniques used to help decision makers, crisis communicators, and public information officers transfer facts to the public through the noise and distractions of a crisis.

Join Calian’s David Pierce, Director of Business Development-Learning, and Vanessa Howard, Emergency Management Representative as they welcome leading experts in both Crisis Communications and Emergency Management, Barry McLoughlin and Laura Peck.