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Multi-disciplinary working group to make the growing body of military family research available to health care providers and military families across Canada

Regina, SK October 17, 2018 – It is with great pleasure that Calian, Military Family Services (MFS) a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research (CIMVHR) and the Vanier Institute of the Family, today announce the establishment of Innovation to Impact - a working group to translate key Canadian medical research to empower physicians and other healthcare professionals to make evidence-based decisions to advance the healthcare experience and well-being of military family members.

The working group, comprised of industry, government, not-for-profit and academia will address the “knowledge to practice” gap related to military family research which has been a longstanding challenge. The goal of this multi-disciplinary working group is to improve the distribution and awareness of valuable military family health research conducted by the CIMVHR network of researchers as well as the Vanier Institute of the Family.

“Leveraging the expertise within these organizations, I believe that we will see significant, positive impacts resulting from putting innovative research and practical knowledge directly into the hands of the military families and their health care practitioners”, said Dr. David Pedlar, CIMVHR Scientific Director. “CIMVHR is pleased to be part of this exciting new initiative.”

Research does not always make it from the shelves of academia into the hands of practitioners and the broader population in a timely, effective manner. Motivated by the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the health of the families of serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Innovation to Impact brings together organizations focused on helping military families.

"This is an important initiative for Military Family services as it aims to improve access to health care services which has been an ongoing and systemic challenge for many military families. We are humbled to see so many organizations come together for the benefit and well-being of military families”, said Colonel Dan Harris, Director, Military Family services.

In 2015, Calian Group worked with MFS to establish the Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN) to improve access to family physicians for families of serving CAF members. Calian recognized the needs of military families who are frequently relocated. The goal of MFDN is to improve access to primary health care for the spouses and children of CAF members by leveraging Calian’s network of physicians at 150-plus Primacy clinics across Canada. To date, the program has succeeded in connecting over 1,500 military family members, across 16 military communities, with a family physician. The MFDN, along with its online portal for military families and doctors, is a natural launch point to connect health practitioners with military families and drive outcomes and objectives as identified by Innovation to Impact.


The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) is an innovative organization that engages existing academic research resources and facilitates the development of new research, research capacity and effective knowledge translation. With a network of academic researchers from across Canada, it serves as a focal point for 43 Canadian universities who have agreed to work together in addressing the health research requirements of the Canadian military, Veterans and their families.

About Calian

Calian employs more than 3,000 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S., and international markets. The Business and Technology Services (BTS) Division includes the provision of business and technology services to industry, public and government in the health, training, engineering and IT services domains. Calian’s Systems Engineering Division (SED), plans, designs and implements complex communication systems for many of the world’s space agencies and leading satellite companies. SED also provides contract manufacturing services for both private sector and military customers in North America.

Calian is one of Canada's largest national health services companies with over 13 years of experience in the management of health care professionals and health programs, as well as the operation and management of primary care and occupational health clinics. With a network of over 1,800 health care professionals, Calian supports over six million patient visits per year at over 180 clinic locations across Canada.

About Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services contribute to the operational readiness and effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by ensuring that CAF members and their families have seamless access to morale and welfare programs, services and facilities regardless of where they serve. These programs help to mitigate some of the challenges that arise for CAF serving members due to conditions of service.

About Military Family Services, a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Military Family Services, a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, works to ensure that the Canadian military family community is well supported. MFS manages two distinct programs on behalf of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces: Children’s Education Management and the Military Family Services Program. MFS also works closely with several internal and external stakeholders to build community partnership and capacity to ensure that military families have access to programs and service in their community.

About Vanier Institute of the Family

The Vanier Institute of the Family is a national, independent, charitable organization dedicated to understanding the diversity and complexity of families and the reality of family life in Canada. The Institute offers access to a range of publications, research initiatives, presentations and social media content to enhance the national understanding of how families interact with, have an impact on and are affected by social, economic, environmental and cultural forces.

Contacts: Calian: Simon Doyle, 613-599-8600 ext. 2215 ([email protected]) Military Family Services: Julie Leblanc, 613-996-4620 ([email protected]) CIMVHR: Yvonne Cooper, 613-217-8488 ([email protected]) Vanier Institute of Family: Russell Mann, 613-406-8501 ([email protected])