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Calian Announces Appointment of Chief Technology Officer

OTTAWA, October 6, 2020 – Calian Group Ltd. (TSX:CGY) today announced that Seann Hamer has been appointed their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

“Establishing a CTO role within Calian is critical as we embark on Calian’s new three-year strategic growth plan. The CTO’s primary responsibilities will be in developing, executing and communicating our customer facing technology roadmap and driving our innovation agenda. Seann will be an advisor to myself and our Division leaders on product development, acquisitive growth strategies and R&D priorities including the launch of a formal Calian Innovation playbook. I envision the CTO as a true driver and champion of Calian innovation.” said Kevin Ford, Calian CEO, “I welcome Seann to the corporate leadership team and am excited to see the impact of this role in driving our growth strategy and continued transformation in the years to come.”

Mr. Hamer has over 35 years of experience in the satellite and cable networks industries as a result of numerous technical and business positions he has held over his career at Calian. Most recently he held dual roles as the VP, Communications Products and VP, Marketing and Development in the Calian Advanced Technologies division. He was a driving force in the creation of a successful and growing products business. With a strong technology background and a solid understanding of the markets, Seann has the vision and experience to lead Calian as its first CTO.

About Calian

Calian employs over 4,400 people in its delivery of diverse products and solutions for private sector, government and defence customers in North American and global markets. The Company’s diverse capabilities are delivered through four segments: Advanced Technologies, Health, Learning and Information Technology. The Advanced Technologies segment provides innovative products, technologies and manufacturing services and solutions for the space, communications, defence, nuclear, government and agriculture sectors. The Health segment manages a network of more than 1,800 health care professionals delivering primary care and occupational health services to public and private sector clients across Canada. Learning is a trusted provider of emergency management, consulting and specialized training services and solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces and clients in the defence, health, energy and other sectors. The Information Technology segment supports public- and private-sector customer requirements for subject matter expertise in the delivery of complex IT and cyber security solutions. Headquartered in Ottawa, the Company’s offices and projects span Canada and international markets.

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