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RF Emissions Security

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Harmonized Threat/Risk Assessments (HTRA)

Calian conducts HTRAs to expose gaps in your RF emission security. This includes identifying physical and electronic emissions and defining assets, risks and vulnerabilities.

We deliver a detailed HTRA assessment that itemizes the risks and provides a comparison of the weighted value of your assets compared to the risk. This gives you a detailed understanding of where your risks are, the impacts, and provides a detailed reference for decision-making on managing risk.

Vulnerability Assessments

Part of the HTRA, the vulnerability assessment determines the zoning levels of government and commercial buildings based on the type of information and assets they contain.

We provide comprehensive tests in-location to evaluate the level of RF emissions emanating from the building structure, separate from the assets inside the building. This vulnerability assessment informs the next steps on managing emissions risk.

Calian Emissions Products

TEMPEST-certified equipment is a critical component of an effective RF emission security program. The Calian portfolio of TEMPEST products includes:

  • TEMPEST-certified workstations

  • TEMPEST-certified networking products (routers, switches, etc.)

  • TEMPEST-certified printers/scanners

  • TEMPEST-certified rugged and non-rugged laptops

  • TEMPEST-certified rugged and non-rugged tablets 

  • RF LockBox  

  • FASTBREAK—TEMPEST test and analysis software  

TEMPEST Testing and Certification

Calian conducts testing and certification of off-the-shelf equipment and government-furnished equipment to ensure that it meets or exceeds TEMPEST standards for RF emissions.

Counter-Drone Solutions

Drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), have been used for many years for warfare against conventional forces, but also to collect intelligence on troops and military bases and to interfere with helicopters and planes.

D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir, a counter-small, unmanned aerial system (C-sUAS) solution, has been selected by defence agencies as a best-in-class radio frequency system. EnforceAir has been successfully tested and deployed at high-level US government agencies—including military, federal law enforcement and homeland security departments and major international airports.