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Custom Components

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Wiring and Cable Harnesses

Calian specializes in custom and contract build-to-print manufacturing of high-quality wiring harnesses and cable assemblies that are currently in use in the defence, space, commercial, government and agriculture industries.

From simple coaxial assemblies to complex multi-branch wiring harnesses, Calian delivers high quality, E3-certified products across a variety of combat platforms, where reliable operational performance is required in the harshest of conditions.

Military Vetronics

The Vetronics products we design and manufacture are used in some of the most demanding conditions across a multitude of military applications when failure is not an option. Our teams design and manufacture armoured vehicle power control/monitoring products, high-power VHF amplifiers for tactical radios, control electronics products for fire suppression systems and portable radar units.

By meeting strict quality, functional and E3 requirements, Calian ensures our products are reliable, regardless of the operational scenarios in which they are used.