On-site Health Professionals

We help our customers to fulfill health care service requirements for long-term, short-term, cyclical or temporary health care services in order to 'right size' their health service workforce.

Recruiting and ongoing management of medical and health professionals is a challenging task. Calian is a proven leader in providing and managing skilled health care professionals for our customers. Our professional contract managers ensure quality outcomes for our customers and on-site staff.

We help our customers:

  • Fulfill health service requirements
  • Deliver long-term, short-term, cyclical or temporary health care services to employees
  • Maintain a 'right size' health service workforce
  • Focus on their core business

  • Our turn-key offering includes:

    Occupational health services

  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Mobile medical services
  • Site compliancy services
  • Disability case management
  • Corporate health and wellness program
  • Urgent care health services

    Project and contract management

    Recruiting and workforce management


    Why Calian?

  • Access to 65 health care specialties and a network of 1500 health care professionals
  • Skilled at developing customized solutions to support your health care needs nation wide
  • Provide personnel across Canada including remote sites
  • A reliable, trusted partner with a reputation for delivering health service excellence
  • A national, professionally-managed and financially-viable service delivery agent
  • Industry leading recruiting organization

    For more information on Calian On-site Health Professionals contact us at: health@calian.com