Engineering and Manufacturing

Land Equipment

Calian designs, tests, builds and delivers key components for armoured vehicles.

Vehicle Interface Unit (VIU): Calian designs, tests, and manufactures VIUs for Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) for the Canadian Army. Calian has delivered over 5000 units to date.

Power Control Module (PCM): In partnership with GDLS-C we redesigned, qualified and manufactures the PCM for the LAV 6.0 program. Our team has worked with GDLS-C to improve the PCM capability for other military vehicle programs.

Aerial Head Assembly (AHA): We designed and delivered key components for the MSTAR Surveillance Radar, both for the Coyote RECCE vehicle and in the dismounted role. We have reduced the cost and improved the performance of the existing units, and are currently working on a second generation upgrade to the MSTAR.


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Canadian Navy Combat Ships

Calian has been a supplier of custom components to the RCN from the Halifax class Frigate program. We design, build and deliver custom components for Canada’s navy.

Canadian Surface Combatant: Canada has committed to investing in 15 ships as the backbone of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) for the future, with global reach and the versatility to meet Canada’s needs. Calian will design and deliver custom radar and communications equipment for the CSC as part of the Lockheed Martin team.

Halifax Class: Calian’s work on the CSC continues a proud history of support the RCN. Calian designed, tested and integrated meteorological systems for the Halifax class Frigate.


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Military Training and Exercises

We assess training needs, design courses, build the learning material, deliver training, and evaluate training, performance, exercises and provide turn-key solutions that help our customers realize individual and team potential. Calian’s training experts help large and small organizations train their personnel and prepare for events in which the consequences of failure are unacceptable.

Canadian Army Simulation Centre (CASC): Calian provides the training design, course material, instructors, evaluation approaches, and delivers realistic, cost-effective exercises to meet Army needs using modelling & simulation tools. Based in Kingston, CASC training can be provided at any of the Army simulation centres across Canada and can include other government departments domestically and our allies internationally.

Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE): Calian developed and provides e-learning courses for RCAF students across a range of communication and electronics courses.

Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE): Calian provides experienced instructors to deliver training in aircraft maintenance training to the technicians that keep the RCAF flying.

Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME): Calian provides training services for the RCEME including vehicle technician training, weapons technician training, and material and electronic-optronic technician training.

Military Personnel Generation (MilPersGen): Calian provides training services at 26 different schools for MPG including the Canadian Army's Leadership and Recruit School, the Fire Fighter and CBRN Academy, the Chaplain School and the Logistics Training Centre, the Canadian Forces Health Services Training Centre, School of Military Intelligence, School of Meteorology, Military Policy Academy, Language School and the Canadian Forces Naval Operations School.

Army Learning Support Centre (ALSC): Calian has personnel at ALSC providing learning production including a full suite of e-learning support services.


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Satellite Services

Calian provides a wide array of satellite hardware, software and service support. We build antennas, ground stations, and provide flight services for satellites. We provide ongoing support throughout the mission lifecycle including operations planning, operations development, launch support, LEOP, and routine operations. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and includes Satellite Engineers, whose expertise is well distributed in power systems, thermal, attitude control, as well as, avionics.

Modulator / Decimator: The D3 Spectrum Analyzer remotely monitors communication signals anywhere RF signal monitoring is required. With a frequency range of 5 MHz to 3 GHz, the D3 provides accurate and fast measurements at a compelling cost. Decimator is ideal for use in satellite, cable, and terrestrial wireless networks.

RadarSat: We designed and implemented two telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) stations for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for Radarsat-1 and 2, including work on the Polar Epsilon program to monitor Canada’s maritime approaches. Equipment at each station is monitored and controlled by means of a Calian-designed monitor and control system. This system provides a synoptic display of equipment status and permits remote control of equipment.

Global Ground Station Footprint: We manage ground stations and gateway systems for communications satellites including the I5 Inmarsat Global Xpress, Inmarsat 4 Radio BGAN, Terrestar Feederlink Earth System, ICO Global Communications Subsystem, and LightSquared Feederlink Earth Station. These stations provide the necessary control and operations for communications, data, voice, and broadband services for each satellite platform.

Sirius XM: We provide the baseband encoding and uplink capability for both SiriusXM Satellite Radio uplinks. Each Uplink Delivery System (UDS) encodes and relays audio and data radio programming from SiriusXM’s programming centers to two geosynchronous satellites for rebroadcast to digital radio receivers anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. The system includes multiple hardware and software redundancy to ensure 24/7 operations.


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Resilience and Public Safety

Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Power Plant Exercises: Calian has delivered real-time, multi-agency exercises to every nuclear power generator in Canada. These exercises are confirmed by the regulator as meeting the national standards, and include hundreds of participants from all orders of government.

Environmental Assessments: We provide assessment of the risk to human, animal and plant health posed by radiation for a range of clients, including the military, nuclear power generation, industry, and aviation.

Radiation Safety: We provide radiation safety recommendation for how our clients can ensure the protection of their staff and the surrounding community to the level required by the radiation risk posed.

IT and Cyber Resilience

Cyber Security: Through a combination of tools and expertise, Calian provide evaluation of vulnerabilities services directly to DND, and recommends the necessary actions and monitoring to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity of operations.

IT: Calian is a service partner to DND providing ongoing IT service support and cyber security service to meet the department’s IT security needs and endpoint needs.

Emergency Management

Major Events & Exercises: Calian provides exercises for emergency management, ranging from events affecting a single municipality to national-level multi-agency exercises for major events with participants from all orders of government, military, law enforcement, civil emergency first responders, utility operators, and the voluntary and non-profit sector. These exercises include detailed, relevant scenarios with evaluation of performance and assessment of capability gaps.

After Action Review: Calian provides after action reviews to municipalities and provinces to identify the chain of events that enabled a natural disaster to disrupt life and cause damage. Using our methodology we seek to identify all the contributing factors, from preparedness and mitigation to response and recovery. We have done this work in response to flooding event and infrastructure failures for large Canadian municipalities.

Community Resilience: We work with communities to evaluate their overall resilience to disasters. This includes risk assessments, testing response plans, providing training to meet new needs, and delivering exercises to confirm training.


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Health for Military Families and Veterans

Military and Families

Primary Care: Calian is of the country’s largest health service delivery organizations, operating a network of 180 clinics across Canada. Calian has a network of more than 1,800 health care professionals supporting over six million patient visits per year across Canada. Though this network we provide flexible primary care to military service members close to 32 CAF bases and installations across Canada.

Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN): In 2015, recognizing the needs of frequently relocated military families, Calian worked with MFS to establish the Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN) to improve access to family physicians for families of serving CAF members. The goal of MFDN is to improve access to primary health care for the spouses and children of CAF members by leveraging Calian’s network of physicians across Canada. To date, the program has succeeded in connecting almost 1800 military family members, across 17 military communities, with a family physician

Other Agencies: Since 2004 Calian has provided health care services to the Canadian Armed Forces at bases across Canada. In 2017, Calian won additional contracts for health support services to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

Pilots and Research

Seamless Canada: In partnership with DND and VAC, working to remove obstacles to military families’ continuity of medical service when the military member is posted to a different province. By engaging technology solution developers and primary care providers, the intent is to make military family moves more seamless. London OSI: Through the use of new technology Calian is working with London OSI to optimize service options and reduce wait time for veterans awaiting access to OSI services. This pilot program will drive referrals, standardize data collection, and provide the data for research on treatment and patient trajectory.

Veterans Health

The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR): Calian works with CIMHVR to find ways to translate research on military and veterans health into new treatment methods and improved outcomes for patients. This partnership is important to Calian. As a company that works deeply in defence and hires veterans, improving the health of military personnel and veterans is central to our ethos.


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