Supporting DND – Core to Calian's DNA

Over the past 20 years, Calian has worked with the Department of National Defence (DND) on a staggering array of projects. Calian understands the Canadian Armed Forces and has the know-how and flexibility to augment or scale just about any program.

As one of Canada’s largest aerospace and defence companies, Calian has supported the Aerospace industry and the Canadian military for over 20 years, with a broad spectrum of services from systems engineering & manufacturing and training to health and IT solutions.

For the past two years running, Calian has been both recognized by Canada Company’s Military Friendly Employer program and named as one of the top 50 Defence companies.




Why Calian?

  • Solid understanding of military ethos and requirements
  • Solve your service challenge(s) no matter how unusual or complex
  • Flexible, agile, adaptable, reliable – evolve our services to meet our customer’s changing needs
  • History of delivering quality services to DND and aerospace industry
  • Track record of long term contracts due to high level of customer satisfaction
  • Highly specialized products, services, systems  and programs
  • Experienced military personnel
  • Qualified Canadian company to support Industrial and Regional Benefit (IRB) and Industrial and Technological (ITB) Policy requirements


Procurement Vehicles

Calian knows governmental departments face challenges when procuring. Government-wide contracting vehicles from Public Works and Government Services Canada are established to help you to effectively contract with the private sector.

The contracting vehicles where Calian is listed include:

  • Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) – SO & SA
  • Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) – SO & SA
  • Temporary Help Services (THS)
  • Learning Services – SO & SA
  • Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement, Stream 2 and Stream 3
  • Canada Revenue Agency – IT Security and Stream 3


Calian Gives Back to the Canadian Military

Calian’s close working relationship with the Canadian military means the organization is uniquely positioned to understand the particular needs of this community. As a result, significant effort has been put into supporting military families and veterans, particularly in the areas of health and employment opportunities.

Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN)
Due to frequent moves, military family members rarely make it to the top of a physician waitlist.
Since its launch just over a year ago, Calian’s Primacy Team has connected over 475 individuals in over 200 families with a family physician under the MFDN program.

DND-funded health services are available only to active military personnel, not to their families. A 2013 DND ombudsman’s report detailed the many difficulties military families experience as a result of their service, including accessing and maintaining a family physician. When this issue was brought to Calian’s attention, it realized it was in a unique position to help. In January 2016, Calian, in partnership with Military Family Services and local Military Family Resource Centres, launched the Calian Military Family Doctor Network. This program helps match military families in need of a family doctor with physicians practicing at Calian’s own Primacy clinics located all across Canada. 

Employing Canada’s Veterans and Military Spouses
Due to its extensive work with the Canadian Armed Forces, Calian has become a destination employer for both transitioning veterans when they leave the military and seek new civilian careers, and for military spouses who are faced with frequent relocation. 

Canada Company – MET Friendly Employer & MET Spouse Supporter
Calian been recognized with the Military-Friendly Employer Partner Award from Canada Company. Canada Company is a charitable and non-partisan organization that helps build bridges between community and business leaders and the Canadian military, to help veterans transition to civilian life.

Calian is also active with Canada Company’s MET Spouse program, which helps spouses of serving military personnel find employment. Many such opportunities have included healthcare professionals who are employed on Calian’s DND health services contract. 

CIMVHR – Supporting Military, Military Family and Veteran Health Research
Calian has been a major sponsor of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Military Mental Health Research Symposium a one-day symposium, held annually and featuring scientific presentations from both the Department of National Defence (DND) and researchers from CIMVHR University Members on relevant mental health research.

Additionally, Calian seeks opportunities to support relevant research within this remarkable, pre-eminent, distinguished community as demonstrated through this $105,000 research award in support of health and wellness of military families.



Ottawa Senators Military Appreciation Night

Annually the Ottawa Senators host a Military Appreciation Night. Calian is proud to support our troops and to be part of this event designed to express appreciation for the military's contribution to Canada.

100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge
In support of the 100 Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Calian has provided support to young Corporals/Privates in the Canadian Armed Forces to go to France to participate in the Study Tour and in the national ceremony commemorating this historic event.  

These young soldier’s will have an experience of a life time while learning first hand of the military legacy of our Canadian troops as they visit Normandy, Juno Beach, Dieppe, Ypres, Passchendaele,  and Vimy.  Many of whom are off to operations in Ukraine, Africa and Latvia in the summer. 


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