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Canadian VP/ITB Program

Calian is a Canadian company. We invest in innovation and in our people in Canada. We rely on Canadian suppliers, and we design, develop, and manufacture our solutions in Canada. We deliver on the Value Proposition (VP) by maximizing Canadian input (CCV), and delivering ITB credits through Canadian delivery, small/medium business development, and innovation and research partnerships.

Map of Canada

Made in Canada

Calian is an all-Canadian company, employing more than 4,500 people across Canada. With manufacturing and assembly facilities in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan, we design, build, test and deliver components and systems for defence programs of any size.

We also deliver exercises, training solutions, healthcare services, IT and cybersecurity services for military customers at locations across Canada and the rest of the world.

Photo of a pile of bolts and raw materials.

Canadian Supply Chain Integration

We rely on a diverse supply chain to support our solutions for large defence programs.

Our supply chain includes producers of raw materials, parts, components and sub-systems, as well as providers of defence subject matter experts. When Calian delivers, we are delivering from the defence industrial base across Canada. To the greatest extent possible, Calian buys and delivers Canadian products and services.

Photo of someone working in a welding shop.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

SMBs are a vital part of our delivery for defence programs. We partner with SMBs for metal fabrication, equipment validation and testing, and sourcing components for our solutions over the life of a program, and for in-service support.

Calian also integrates and employs subject matter experts in cybersecurity, IT consulting, systems integration, and military training development and delivery from SMBs across Canada.

Photo of a satellite in the field, pointing into the sky at sunset

Innovation/Research Partnerships

Calian drives innovation through our own R&D and through partnerships with post-secondary institutions.

We invest in developing and commercializing new products and solutions for defence and space customers. We regularly present new components, systems and antennas to improve performance. Our STEM talent drives our innovation and commercialization from concept through development to delivery.

We employ students and graduates in STEM roles to introduce fresh thinking and to drive innovation.

Photo of someone cutting materials in an industrial setting

Key Industrial Capabilities

Calian designs, develops, manufactures, tests and delivers systems and solutions in key industrial capability areas (KICs). Our work in advanced materials (carbon fibre) led to our industry-first development of a carbon fibre antenna that operates in the Q/V bands. These antennas are key inputs to our ground-based space solutions, supporting satellite operations and deep space exploration.

Calian is a recognized leader in military training and synthetic training environments. With more than three decades of experience, we design and deliver training exercises using proprietary systems. We also integrate simulation-based training systems into common environments to deliver a realistic, distributed, immersive training experience.

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