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Training and Preparedness

People are the lifeblood of any organization. Being ready for cyber attacks means training your people to improve readiness. Calian prepares your team with cyber awareness team, social engineering validation, and table top exercises.

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Cyber Awareness Training

Being aware of potential and real-time threats is everyone's responsibility. Our cyber awareness training ensures your employees are aware of cybercrime and the associated techniques, bringing your entire team up to speed on the latest cyber scams and criminal activities.

From phishing scams and social engineering to the latest cybersecurity threats, we educate and test employees in a controlled and safe manner.

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Social Engineering Validation

We deliver social engineering training to validate your team’s readiness to face cyber threats and manipulation from external actors. We create customized social engineering validation products and deploy them to simulate real threat agents attempting to either collect personal or organization information from your workforce.

By simulating phishing attacks and other social engineering attacks, we test and validate the effectiveness of cyber awareness training and identify areas for improvement.

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Table-Top Exercises (TTX)

We develop and deliver in-person training that simulates a real-life cyberattack, using realistic scenarios based on actual threats. The TTX then moves into the response phase, where your team articulates the actions they would take to respond to a real-life attack.

The TTX process highlights areas where vulnerabilities and risks exist. The results of the TTX are presented with clearly identified areas for improvement to prioritize future investment in cyber defence.

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