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Digital Health Technologies

Digital solutions improve the patient experience by connecting health records, coordinating appointments, and giving clinicians insights on improved resource allocation. Calian’s proprietary digital health technologies connects the patient to virtual care, cloud services, and analytics, automation, and machine learning solutions.

Photo of a doctor speaking to a military woman via video call.

Care Coordination

Accessing the right data, securely, is important to bring the care team together. Integrating appointments and patient data from EHR/EMR sources provides a seamless, secure experience.

Data can be integrated from all partners in the network, including clinics and community partners. This patient-centred experience allows the health team to spend more time on high-quality care and minimize time on administrative tasks. Reminders and notification through email, text or voicemail gives near-real-time updates on status changes.

Photo of a family gathered around a veteran in a wheelchair.

Data Interoperability & Virtual Care Solutions

The Calian® Corolar™ platform connects disparate data systems and provides integrated virtual care and care collaboration tools, all in a secure environment.

A Microsoft Teams native app for hospitals and health authorities, Corolar Virtual Care is the preferred solution for creating seamless workflows for digital services and empowering teams to collaborate and communicate in a secure environment.

Graphics of a doctors stethoscope surrounded by data points.

Health-Enterprise Resource Management

The Calian® Nexi™ health-enterprise resource management platform transforms healthcare delivery by dynamically managing the care pathway through automation, analytics and machine learning.

Nexi improves access to high-quality care by managing the healthcare workflow and workforce for more efficient healthcare delivery.

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Healthcare Cloud Services

For more than 20 years, Calian has been helping enterprises transform their IT environments to create sustainable, efficient systems. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we offer comprehensive solutions and deep expertise for all your application modernization and cloud migration projects.

We work with you to transform your legacy systems for cloud-readiness, leverage existing data and IT systems, set up proven DevOps frameworks to support your needs and develop custom web and mobile apps where required.

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