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Cyber Threat/Risk Assessment

Cybercriminals, terrorists, and foreign adversaries are conducting cyber attacks, stealing data, and disrupting the critical infrastructure governments and militaries rely on for operational success. Calian provides risk assessments, penetration testing, and cloud security assessment to reduce your risk and help defend your networks and systems.

Man at computer station monitoring security system.

Risk Assessments

We provide in-depth assessments of an organization’s security control and maturity based on industry security standards, regulations and best practices.

Assessments includes risks and vulnerabilities, privacy impacts, enterprise maturity assessments and enterprise readiness against ransomware and other advanced, persistent threats.

We apply the following security standards and regulations:

  • NIST SP Series

  • ISO 27001/27002

  • IEC 62433 series (industrial control systems)




Photo of two woman at computer stations working on testing systems.

Penetration Testing

Our award-winning ethical hackers scrutinize your environment and attempt to breach data. We develop and implement testing scenarios including red team and purple team exercises against applications, infrastructure, networks (including wireless), operating systems, databases and cloud.

Our penetration testing gives you a clear assessment of where your data could be vulnerable against unauthorized intrusion and presents a path forward to address vulnerabilities.

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Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud environments are often built gradually, without overarching security frameworks and standards to support their configuration. This can create vulnerability to attacks.

Based on years of cloud-native experience and industry best practices, we review the security configuration of your Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Office 365 environments to provide actionable, risk-based recommendations. Our assessments rely on CIS benchmarks.

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