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Advanced Materials / Composites

Calian’s advanced materials team design, develops, tests, and delivers custom composite components for any military platform, and delivers composite antennas. Our composites deliver durable, reliable materials for high-performance defence needs.

2x2 photo grid showing custom composite component product examples.

Custom Composite Components

Calian can produce custom carbon fibre, Kevlar, metallic mesh and fibreglass composite components for any defence and security application. Our composite materials deliver rustproof, corrosion-resistant, durable, high-strength-to-weight ratio solutions to replace other existing materials.

Our expanded production facility and integrated new production capabilities have the capacity to meet any defence need.

Photo of a composite antenna in action

Composite Antennas

Calian has developed and delivered composite antennas to meet high-performance requirements:

  • 6m and 10m antennas for Q/V band. First verification over satellite of high-frequency antenna technology. 10m currently deployed for American user.

  • 4m and 14m antenna for Q/V band. This is the next large aperture antenna and is currently in development.

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