Van Thai, a dedicated employee at SED/Calian Advanced Technologies, retired on June 30, 2023, after 15 years as an Assembler.

Van Thai’s journey at Calian, Advanced Technologies began on August 6, 2008, when she joined as an assembler on the KDS cable line. When asked about her decision to remain with the company for so long, Van spoke fondly of her colleagues, stating that “the people” were the driving force behind her commitment. It was the camaraderie and support she received that made her want to stay and contribute her best to the team.”

Throughout her tenure, Van displayed her strong work ethic, leaving a positive mark on those she worked with. Reflecting on her time, Van expressed pride in her ability to work in different projects, “I’m proud of my versatility to be able to work in several areas, specifically KDS and my time as lead in PCM.”

Colleagues took the opportunity to express their gratitude and bid farewell to Van. A fellow assembler Karen Giles-Thiessen wrote: “Hi Van, it has been a real pleasure working with you these many years. You will be greatly missed. PCM will not be the same without you. Wishing you all the best and enjoy retirement.”

Jennifer Lester, Production Manager, praised Van’s remarkable work ethic and dedication to productivity, “Van has worked on many projects over the last 15 years—CEPs, hatch, and harnesses, to name a few and, most recently, PCM,” says Jennifer. “With every task she was assigned, she demonstrated an exemplary work ethic, always focused on quality and productivity. Van is extremely knowledgeable in the production of PCM units and required little supervision. Van is a pleasure to work with, demonstrating a calm demeanour, always consistent and reliable. She is a valued team member and will be missed. I wish her all the best and hope she enjoys her well-deserved retirement!”

Marge Doerksen, another assembler, noticed Van’s kindness and support from day one. “What can I say about Van…she treated me with kindness when I first started and she’s continued the whole time that I’ve been here,” says Marge Doerksen. “Such a sweet lady. She is a hard worker and everything she did when I worked with her was done well! I really enjoyed working with her.”

Van said that the decision to retire was a difficult one, but she looks forward to spending more time with her family and she would like to do some travelling.

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