Eva Peters-Kooy has retired effective June 30, 2023, as Configuration Management Coordinator, Purchasing after a successful 35-year career with SED/Calian. Back in 1986, the Saskatoon headquarters moved to its current location at 18 Innovation Boulevard and Eva was hired as the facilities assistant for that location. Eva worked with Merv Burke and Jane Hiebert to make the required preparations to ensure the successful transition of staff into this newly secured facility. Some of the preparations included creating and distributing employee photo badges, updating the database to ensure security clearances were noted and distributing keys to all employees.

Eva changed roles after the successful transition of employees into the Innovation Boulevard facility. “After the facility at 18 Innovation Boulevard was set up and finished, I moved to materials in the stores department, working for Sandra Naylor,” says Eva. “Stores inventory was run by a Cardex system when I started. I helped Scott Donaldson with the requirements that stores planning needed to see us move to the MRP system, and now that system has changed to the SAP system.” One of Eva’s proud accomplishments, along with her team, was converting the Cardex system to the MRP system with confidence.

“Eva is a thorough, pleasant worker who does her role plus a lot more,” says Kevin Grassing, Senior Technical Officer. “I recall pushing 25 years ago on a big VIU build, Eva doing the planning and I was new to production control. Eva came out to the floor with the reports I should have known about, critical items highlighted, and she had proposed solutions. In two minutes, we had a path forward and I went back to dealing with my technical issues that I was focussed on.”

Eva has noticed how planning projects and setting related timelines have changed over the years. “When I first started, projects were planned one to two years in advance, and now we are delivering products to our customers in a matter of months, sometimes even weeks.”

When Eva was asked about why she decided to remain with the company for 35 years, she said “In the earlier days SED was very much a family atmosphere, it was not just about the job but also the people we worked with. When I went through some changes in my life, my manager was very flexible, and I was fortunate to be able to change my work hours. We had quite a few co-workers and/or their families go through some scary times with health issues and difficult life circumstances that we would rally around as a team and help in every way possible.”

“Eva, it has been quite the ride, we have had so much fun and so many laughs,” says Terry Wishlow, Senior Assembler, Production. “We have worked together on so many projects, we must make sure that we get together in the retirement club that is growing fast—yes. the club already does exist. You will be missed by all and more by some. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!”

Asked if it will be difficult to retire, Eva says “Yes, especially since I used to say I would retire when J3 was done, and it still has yet to finish!”

“Eva is not only a co-worker to us at Calian, but she is also a friend and one of the most caring people I know,” says Candice Mosterd, Manager, Purchasing. “She has taught me so much at work and in life and has been there for me and others when needed. She works hard and is a dedicated employee and friend. Her daughter and coworkers can take over her workload, but Eva’s smiling, laughing, compassionate presence will be missed. I wish her the best in her retirement as it is well-deserved.”
Eva has a variety of plans for her retirement, ranging from art to travel. “I hope to spend more time creating my own art, as well as teaching art to others,” says Eva. “I would love to do some travelling and look forward to more time having fun with my family and friends!”

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