Cisco Live 2023 brought together technology enthusiasts, industry leaders and cybersecurity experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations in networking, collaboration and security. The event showcased Cisco’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era. This year, Calian had the opportunity to attend the event and gain valuable insights into Cisco’s key announcements and developments.

We will be discussing the three key takeaways for Calian, along with an overview of the collaboration, networking, security, keynote topics and the state of the market at Cisco Live 2023.

Key Takeaways for Calian

Cisco Silicon One: Doubling Down on Hardware

One of the prominent takeaways from Cisco Live 2023 was the company’s reinforcement of Cisco Silicon One. In line with industry leaders such as Google and Apple, Cisco expanded the integration of Cisco Silicon One into additional hardware, aiming to create a seamless environment. By unifying the silicon architecture, Cisco enables an efficient management approach, comparable to the GPU/CPU control embraced by other tech giants.

Hyperconnectivity for Simplicity

Another significant focus at Cisco Live 2023 was the concept of hyperconnectivity leading to simplicity. Cisco emphasized the importance of a single pane of glass for managing all network and infrastructure needs. This approach allows organizations to have comprehensive visibility at all times, with fewer tools and fewer people. By streamlining network management, Cisco aims to simplify operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Security Edge to Edge

Security remained a top priority at Cisco Live 2023, with Cisco showcasing its commitment to securing all connected devices. Building upon the recent XDR announcement at RSA, Cisco introduced AI/ML-based Secure Firewall and Security Service Edge (SSE). These advancements highlight Cisco’s dedication to securing every connected aspect of the network infrastructure. By embracing the concept of “if it’s connected, it’s secured,” Cisco reinforces the importance of end-to-end security in today’s digital landscape.

Collaboration: Enhancing Communication and Connectivity

Cisco’s collaboration solutions took centre stage at Cisco Live 2023, with exciting updates that aim to revolutionize the way businesses communicate. One noteworthy announcement was Webex Calling now supporting Survivability Gateway (SGW) per location, which enables seamless communication even during network failures. With the SGW, calls can be rerouted through a separate gateway. This would enable redundant path out to the PSTN but require a local connection onsite to route calls during a failure.

Another remarkable innovation was the introduction of Webex Room Bar Pro, an AI enabled image processing device that supports popular collaboration platforms such as Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. This versatile device brings together the power of AI and video conferencing, enhancing the overall meeting experience and fostering seamless collaboration across different platforms.

Networking: Embracing Hyperconnectivity for Simplicity

Hyperconnectivity took the spotlight at Cisco Live 2023, emphasizing the need for streamlined network and infrastructure management. Cisco addressed this challenge by introducing 800GB interface capacities to Cisco 8000 Powered by Silicon One. These powerful networking solutions, primarily targeting service providers, also cater to high throughput Routed DC ToR/Leaf designs, enabling efficient data transfer and reducing bottlenecks.

Security: Edge-to-Edge Protection

Cisco reaffirmed its commitment to comprehensive security measures with significant announcements at Cisco Live 2023. The Secure Firewall 4200 was unveiled, boasting AI and ML-based encrypted threat blocking capabilities without decryption. This breakthrough technology ensures enhanced security without compromising privacy or performance.

Furthermore, Cisco presented an evolution of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) through complete threat inspection and policy implementation for each application. By simplifying branch routing and incorporating robust security controls, Cisco provides organizations with a comprehensive security framework from edge to edge.

Keynote Topics: Exploring New Frontiers

Cisco Live 2023 showcased several captivating keynote topics that hint at the future of technology. Security Service Edge (SSE) was a major announcement, that follows Cisco’s major XDR announcements from the RSA conference. Testimonials from experts, including the CISO of the National Football League, emphasized that security should be regarded as its own category, separate from enterprise IT, highlighting the significance of SSE in safeguarding digital assets.

Full Stack Observability, represented by the ThousandEyes product, enables centralized, platform-agnostic monitoring of network traffic. This comprehensive approach ensures operational efficiency, optimal performance and robust security across the entire network infrastructure.

Generative AI emerged as a market-level phenomenon, exemplified by Chat GPT. Additionally, Cisco unveiled an AI assistant for Webex call centres, demonstrating practical applications of AI within the Cisco ecosystem, enhancing customer experiences and improving operational efficiency.

Cisco spotlighted their future-focused vision by announcing the opening of their quantum computing facility. Cisco is spearheading the development of advanced computing applications that will shape the future of technology.

Furthermore, Cisco reiterated its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2040, emphasizing a circular economy, recycling initiatives and renewable energy sources.

Addressing the State of the Market: Navigating Challenges

During the event, Cisco reaffirmed its commitment to partners, acknowledging their pivotal role in long-term success. Managed services remained a focal point, enabling Cisco to support customers throughout their entire lifecycle. In addition, the rise of the hybrid workforce is going to shape network designs, as evidenced by XDR, SSE, and Collaboration solutions presented at the event.

As the market faces challenges, with uncertainties stemming from factors such as supply chain disruptions and economic fluctuation, Cisco is actively working to improve shipping times and mitigate the impact of economic factors like inflation and layoffs.

All in all, Cisco Live 2023 showcased Cisco’s dedication to advancing networking, collaboration and security solutions. Calian identified three key takeaways, including Cisco’s investment in Cisco Silicon One, the pursuit of hyperconnectivity for simplicity and a strong focus on edge-to-edge security. The event provided valuable insights into collaboration, networking, security, keynote topics and the current state of the market. Cisco’s commitment to innovation and addressing industry challenges positions them as a key player in shaping the future of technology.

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