The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has repercussions all around the world—including in Canada where almost 1.4 million Ukrainians live. Canada and Ukraine have a long history of cooperation and Calian supports Canada’s response to the crisis.

We are committed to helping Ukraine, surrounding countries and those who have been displaced. We encourage our partners and friends to join us by donating to the Canadian Red Cross Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis Appeal or another humanitarian organization.

Calian is donating $25,000 and matching employee donations up to another $25,000. These funds will help address immediate relief efforts and other humanitarian activities, for Ukraine and surrounding countries, as well as for refugees displaced by the invasion. Peace and security are inalienable rights.

Calian has been committed to long-term security in Europe for many years. As a trusted military training partner, Calian supports training for NATO and its member countries, as well as the Canadian Armed Forces. Calian has designed, developed and delivered training for high-readiness units in Europe for multiple organizations within NATO and for individual NATO country members.

“We continue to be the leading military trainer to NATO and its member countries,” says Don Whitty, President, Calian Learning. “These relationships are vital to maintain peace and security in a time of uncertainty. We acknowledge the evolving global balance of power, the changing nature of conflict, the influence of non-state actors, grey zone conflict and hybrid warfare, and the complexity and ambiguities of the modern security environment.”

In 2021, Calian delivered training to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the Government of Canada’s defence commitment to Ukraine under Operation UNIFIER. Operation UNIFIER is the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) mission to support the Security Forces of Ukraine. Calian provided security force training to bolster peace and security in Eastern Europe.

As the world navigates this crisis, Calian is committed to supporting the Red Cross and the people of Ukraine. We will continue to monitor this situation as it unfolds. Calian is committed to helping achieve a world where all people can live safe and healthy lives.

Michèle Bedford, Chief Commercial Officer

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