We continue to expand our innovative digital health portfolio with the launch of Calian® Nexi™, an intelligent health-enterprise resource management platform. Nexi enables the life sciences industry to transform healthcare delivery by using automation, analytics and machine learning to deliver more accurate, timely, integrated and profitable healthcare services.

When facilitating a patient support program (PSP), Nexi automates the administration of the PSP for complex therapies and chronic disease, empowering pharmaceutical companies to deliver high-volume, high-quality patient care at a lower cost.

Adaptive Care Pathways

Built on Calian proprietary technology, Nexi utilizes machine learning algorithms to create dynamic, adaptive workflows based on key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be customized for each client. Real-time analytics provide end-to-end transparency to keep all stakeholders aligned and ensure better outcomes for patients.

“The Nexi platform is at the core of our vision to improve access to high-quality healthcare across the care continuum”, says Gordon McDonald, President, Health, Calian. “Engineered from deep experience in healthcare delivery, Nexi connects and adapts care pathways to improve the continuity of care.”

Seamless Collaboration and Experience

Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc. has partnered with the Alio team at Calian since 2016 for their neurology and nephrology PSPs. This year, they are expanding on the Nexi platform to include virtual care for patient education at the time of prescription. Moving forward, Nexi is central to the company’s goal of providing seamless and collaborative patient care.

“Nexi is the nexus of communication between a variety of software tools involved in patient support, so that human beings can interact and focus on delivering care, says Kai Opalka, Manager, Patient Support Programs, Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc. “Using Nexi, we can remove much of the administrative burden, from product ordering to enrollment through to drug delivery. Replacing human intervention with digital automation for parts of the process improves cost-effectiveness and eliminates errors.”

Adds Kaytlin Sadler, Vice President, Calian, “A patient support program is there to remove hurdles, whether it’s providing financial assistance, home injections or patient education. Nexi enables us to break down those barriers and provide a better experience to patients and care providers.”

Flexible Licensing Models

Nexi is available in flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) modules or as an end-to-end health-enterprise resource management platform. Calian health delivery professionals use Nexi as the foundation of managed care services for diverse customers, including PSPs, homecare, institutional health settings and community-based care.

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When the pandemic interrupted a global clinical trial, Nexi offered an intelligent solution:
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