Along with access to healthy food, fresh air and shelter, feeling safe in our communities contributes to our overall quality of life. Keeping communities safe from crimes, violence and theft takes a team. Police officers, special constables, security officers, special investigators and many others work together to protect us. Ensuring that each member of the team is healthy on a mental, physical and emotional level becomes paramount to sustainably safe neighbourhoods.

Keeping Up with Demand

As our population grows and more retire from the force, there has been a subsequent increase in demand for these types of roles. According to the Government of Canada job prospect projection for police officers, new job openings are expected to total 38,900 by 2031 while only 36,300 new job seekers are expected to be available to fill them.

Finding the Right Team Members

Meeting hiring targets without sacrificing quality standards is a big feat—one that requires the right tools and expertise. Our network of clinical and forensic psychologists has extensive training in law enforcement and specialty team selection with a gold standard psychological assessment protocol that contributes to a high success rate.

Calian has been working with municipal and provincial police forces across Ontario implementing thorough pre-employment checks that test candidates’ overall health. According to Dr. Christine Courbasson, chief psychologist at Calian for Eastern Canada, there are key traits that make a candidate stand out: “They need to be able to reflect, get details, think quickly, be organized and manage stressors effectively.”

A Domino of Positive Effects

The psychological assessment reports that Calian delivered have accelerated the customers’ testing process and helped them exceed their hiring targets. By prioritizing psychological wellness, the assessments foster a workplace culture that highlights health and wellness—in addition to improved retention rates and reduced work-related injuries. “The simplified assessment report with the rating scales is easy to digest and it cuts my time in half. Calian customer service is second to none, and we never would have been able to hire the number of people we have without the company’s assistance,” says the Calian customer.

Support During Career Changes

For those with a career switch in mind, new challenges can present themselves. Calian works with these candidates on delivering role switching assessments so the candidate can make the switch comfortably. “The goal here is to prioritize wellbeing, reduce the potential abuse of power and the likelihood of mental health issues or substance use disorders,” Courbasson says. “In addition to building a strong workforce, the subsequent improved morale and work-life happiness may also attract future jobseekers to an extremely in-demand industry. This directly contributes to creating safer communities,” Courbasson continues.

The Future is Bright

“Building resilient communities starts with prioritizing individuals’ mental health, wellbeing and safety—on both sides of the badge. In developing and expanding the assessments and working with our customers to adapt to evolving needs, Calian is having a big impact on communities across the country,” Courbasson says.

Calian’s work in delivering psychological assessments to support safe, resilient and healthy communities demonstrates our commitment to the Calian ESG vision: Collaboration to Advance Resilience Excellence and Sustainability—Calian CARES™

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