Without partnerships and mentorship, it’s difficult for small technology companies to get the funding, marketing support and access to the level of leadership they need to open doors and distribution channels. In 2022, Calian worked with L-SPARK to establish a MedTech Accelerator as an avenue to bring Canadian health innovation to the market faster. By fostering a thriving healthcare ecosystem, innovative med-tech products can add functionality across the care continuum, benefitting both healthcare providers and patients.

L-Spark acted as the ‘dating service’ to introduce Calian to several Canadian med-tech companies with technology that could potentially be integrated into Calian Corolar™ virtual care platform. In 2022, Coalese Health was ultimately selected for further support and the two companies signed formal teaming agreements to extend the benefits of Coalese Health’s Complex Care Plan chronic disease management software beyond the primary care clinic and into the hospital environment.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 44 per cent of Canadians over 20 years of age have at least one chronic disease such as heart disease, asthma or diabetes. This number grows to 73 per cent by age 65. Care plans for patients with chronic health conditions are at the core of any meaningful chronic disease management program.

Up to now, care plans have primarily been available to family physicians and their patients, and not to hospitals. “Without a care plan, it is often the case that emerging health problems may not be recognized early enough, resulting in sub-optimal chronic disease care,” says Stephen Naor, CEO of Coalese Health. “Coalese Health’s Complex Care Plan software automates the creation of care plans, applying analytics that tailor them to each patient. By combining the strengths of Coalese Health’s software with the Calian Corolar™ integration platform, hospitals can access patient summaries and care plans directly from the electronic medical record (EMR) systems used by local primary care clinics, saving valuable time and better helping patients. ”

“Incomplete patient data poses a critical information gap for hospital physicians,” indicates Sacha Gera, President, IT and Cyber Solutions, Calian. “Through the collaboration with Coalese Health, there is a significant opportunity to positively impact a patients care journey and ultimately improve the management of chronic disease.”

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