Climate change is heightening the risk of natural hazards across the world, and First Nations communities are uniquely vulnerable. Recent research shows that Indigenous communities are roughly 18 times more likely than non-indigenous communities to be evacuated during an emergency, due largely to their remote locations, aging infrastructure and challenging socio-economic circumstances.

Calian is working with and following the lead of Indigenous communities to create emergency management resources that are custom-built to the communities’ unique needs and circumstances.

Metis National Council Emergency Management Review

Calian worked with the Metis National Council (MNC) and other important stakeholders to develop the Metis National Council Emergency Management Review. The report is designed as a first step in outlining what emergency management looks like for Metis organizations and governments that wish to support Metis Nation citizens. It offers a snapshot of the existing emergency management landscape to assist the MNC in better supporting current initiatives and advocating stronger support for the future.

Th report contains an overview of existing literature pertaining to emergency management in this space, canvassing different perspectives, programs and funding. It provides the MNC’s Environment and Climate Change department a high-level overview of organizational needs to be used in developing an emergency management plan to support Metis resilience.

Calian acknowledges the importance of allowing Indigenous groups to take the lead in these matters. The report was developed in partnership with representatives of the Metis Nations of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario, along with governmental and non-governmental organizations, and Metis citizens with knowledge and experience related to emergency management.

Calian also acknowledges that existing emergency management approaches cannot properly meet all the needs of the Metis Nation. The report concludes with recommendations for addressing these gaps, including by adopting a whole-of-society approach to foster a nation-to-nation relationship with the Metis Nation.

Calian is proud of their work in this space. This report is a first step toward addressing these complex issues, while understanding that needs and situations will continue to evolve.

To learn more, access the full report.

Calian’s work with Indigenous communities to create custom-built emergency management resources demonstrates our commitment to the Calian ESG vision: Collaboration to Advance Resilience Excellence and Sustainability—Calian CARES™

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