The Calian Nuclear team is assisting our customers in harnessing the potential of small modular reactors (SMRs) as a green alternative to traditional energy sources. SMRs emit no greenhouse gases during operation, with lifetime emissions comparable to solar and wind. This article will examine the interesting work that the Calian Nuclear team is doing across Canada to utilize SMRs and dispel the negative notions associated with nuclear power.

Supporting SaskPower’s Transition to Net-Zero

In 2021, Calian was awarded a contract with SaskPower to provide engineering and technical services to support the planning and project work required to maintain nuclear power from SMRs in the future. SaskPower is seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, which includes finding alternatives for existing coal plants. Calian will work with SaskPower as they evaluate SMRs as a potential zero emissions power source beyond 2030.

Calian was chosen for this project for their deep expertise and experience with SMRs, and will continue their work with SaskPower to promote their future supply goals. The planning phase is currently underway, with a final decision on whether to construct an SMR scheduled for the late 2020s.

SMR Development Opportunities in the Yukon

Calian is consulting with key stakeholders and First Nations representatives for the Government of the Yukon to identify perceived opportunities and limitations for SMR development in the territory. The project will also evaluate different SMR technologies to determine their fit for the Yukon energy grid.

To gain proper understanding of the acceptability of SMRs in this ecologically sensitive area, Calian framed the discussion around climate change and the reality of the energy sector in the region. The findings are being fed into a feasibility study to guide the potential application cases, governance and legislation requirements. The report will be shared with study participants for an opportunity to provide feedback in a virtual workshop setting.

Alongside this consultation, Calian is developing a prototype module in their Calian ResponseReady™ software. The module allows indigenous communities to simulate an SMR deployment, letting them examine informational needs and community considerations that will arise. The information will help inform SMR policy and approaches for the Government of the Yukon and become the basis of new approaches to Indigenous consultation and engagement for Calian.

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