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SmartStore VR

We developed a realistic virtual reality simulation of 3D and 360-degree, multiple-scenario store environments for shopper measurement. SmartStore helps retailers and manufacturers measure, evaluate and optimize a range of retail concepts on sales and profit, based on how shoppers react in any store format. It helps measure the effectiveness of point-of-sale merchandise (POSM) based on what shoppers “see, think and do.” Using our TelemetryCore feature, we can capture data from the environment, assets and the user within the simulation. The data capture goes as far as eye-tracking and pupillary dilation tracking.

Smart Shopper-AR

We developed a web-based mobile augmented reality application that scans, tracks and augments virtual assets into a shopping environment. SmartShopper-AR enables in-store marketers to visualize their future activations and evaluate what shoppers think of a new seasonal display, point-of-sale material or product placement in a quick, cost-effective way, without the need for store disruption, creating physical prototypes or allowing retail competitors to see what’s next.

3D model automation

We have developed a program that scans real-world objects and exports them as a fully functioning FBX 3D model. This process is done within seconds and is useable for immersive development such as VR and AR. Traditional 3D modeling requires days, or even weeks, to complete individual objects. This program creates models in under a minute.

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