Case study

Marketing research for NielsenIQ

Neilsen provides valuable data-driven insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, shaping marketing campaigns. Using a virtual reality (VR) solution, Calian helped unlock new insights on customer preferences.

Calian and NielsenIQ: Pioneering VR and AR in retail

Calian collaborated with NielsenIQ to collect customer behaviour and preferences using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These solutions provided data on how customers engage with products in-store to inform marketing strategies.

SmartStore VR

We developed a 3D and 360-degree VR simulation of multiple store environment scenarios for shopper preference measurement. SmartStore helps retailers and manufacturers measure, evaluate and optimize a range of retail concepts based on how shoppers react to products in-store. The solution captures eye-tracking and pupillary dilation to measure human reaction. This data helps measure the effectiveness of point-of-sale merchandise (POSM) based on what shoppers “see, think and do” to inform marketing and product placement choices. 


We developed a mobile AR application that scans, tracks and augments virtual assets in a shopping environment. SmartShopper-AR enables in-store marketers to visualize their future activations and evaluate shopper reactions to a seasonal display, point-of-sale material or product placement. Smartshopper-AR delivers data in a quick, cost-effective way, without creating physical mock-ups or disrupting shopper activity in-store.

3D model automation

To build 3D models, we developed a program that scans real-world objects and creates them digitally as fully functioning FBX 3D models. Creating new 3D models for VR and AR application takes less than a minute. The time saving is significant compared to the days or weeks it takes to create traditional 3D modelling of individual objects.

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