National Research Council Canada proof of concept


Calian developed an immersive training solution for joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC) as part of a research and development proof-of-concept project.

Innovating training technology for the high-risk, procedure-driven JTAC role

Calian developed and delivered a virtual reality (VR) trainer for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) using voice recognition technology and immersive environments.

Training for precision in judgement and decision-making

JTACs are crucial for coordinating fires from multiple sources on the battlefield. The JTAC role relies on a high degree of judgement and assessment on targets, weapons-selection and safety distances. Training JTACs means building a trainer that tests judgement, decision-making and clear communications. 

The challenge: creating an immersive, interactive environment

Training JTACs is complex as they must call for fire from various sources using specific terminology and phrasing. The challenge was to create an immersive VR training solution integrating voice recognition technology, allowing trainees to use maps, binoculars, radios and laser range finders to accurately locate and designate targets.

Voice recognition to train voice procedure

Calian’s training augmented by speech recognition (TASR) technology allows the JTAC trainer to recognize spoken responses from the trainee, and provide audio cues and responses. The trainee can practice voice procedure alone, with fail conditions built in to notify the trainee when they have deviated. This feedback reinforces the correct voice procedure for JTAC trainees, simulating real-life calls for fire.

Testing judgement and decision making

The TASR technology allows trainees to make judgement calls, based on the scenario, terrain, target and mission. The VR solution tests the trainees’ decision-making abilities, and gives immediate feedback on major errors in judgement or safety risks. The JTAC scenarios can be adapted to meet any mission parameters and needs.

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