Case study

Training hydro technicians

Calian developed a virtual reality (VR) training solution to teach Hydro Ottawa's technicians to connect residential buildings to the grid.

VR-enhanced electrical training

Calian's VR training solution overhauled technician training for Hydro Ottawa, providing an immersive environment to learn procedures and how to use tools and equipment. The VR solution tracks skills development progress, ensuring trainee readiness for real-world electrical tasks.

Learning the process for residential electrical hookups

Working with Hydro Ottawa, Calian developed a VR training scenario that focuses on the details of connecting a house to the grid, including the meggering sequence. The VR training allows apprentices to gain hands-on experience in a controlled environment to learn all the steps and complexities of actual electrical work.

Learning in a safer environment

Using our proprietary TelemetryCore software, instructors track the progress and development of each trainee. This allows instructors to measure the performance of each trainee and assess their readiness for field tasks. This process ensures that trainees are following all the necessary safety protocols, reducing the risk of a real-life accident. Using technology and a holistic approach to training ensures that each apprentice and employee is fully equipped and confident to safely handle in-field electrical tasks.

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Provide your team with the best in emergency management training.

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