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Repair and Overhaul

The products we supply to our customers are often employed in harsh environments.

Accordingly, we have the capabilities and infrastructure in place to provide quick response and repair of failed hardware.

Our overhaul services help to ensure our customers get the best value and maximum useful life from their products.

Obsolescence Management

Calian takes a proactive approach to design manufacturability and uses our extensive engineering expertise to mitigate and resolve obsolescence issues as they arise.

Calian subscribes to industry tools that are used to predict component life cycles as well as provide real-time change notifications and last-time-buy opportunities. Early obsolescence notifications provide our teams and our customers with options ensuring products can remain in use longer.

Inventory Control

Ensuring product control, quality and build repeatability is a priority at Calian. Our team uses a MRP system to track and account for each of our customers specific project materials.

Our customers inventory is stored in an access controlled and stable environment where it is isolated from other project materials and preserved in a production-ready state.

Configuration Control

Calian has the necessary processes and infrastructure in place to ensure that the configuration and baselines of our products are strictly maintained and controlled.

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Qualification Testing

Calian has comprehensive on-site System Integration, Qualification and Test capabilities that are used for all products, services and systems that are developed and manufactured within our facility. Our multi-million-dollar inventory of high precision test equipment which includes high-capacity thermal chambers, vibration and shock tables, is used to validate product requirements ensuring the highest level of quality.

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Design Evolution

A part of Calian’s engineering breadth and depth includes the design evolution of a product or service. This can range from simple product enhancements to complex architecture changes. Whether the design evolution is specific to a Calian product, or a product that was developed by one of our customers, our engineering teams can provide the services and expertise required to move a product into the next generation of capabilities.

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Units, Subsystems and Systems

Calian is an industry leader in the provision of sophisticated communication systems for the satellite industry, Vetronics products for the Canadian and US military and fully integrated test systems.

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Wiring Harnesses and Cables

Calian designs and manufactures wiring harness and cable assemblies as part of our in-house manufacturing services. We have an extensive inventory of automated equipment to produce a wide variety of cables and harnesses that are currently being used in the commercial, government and defence industries. From simple coaxial assemblies to complex multi-branch wiring harnesses found in military combat vehicles, Calian delivers high-quality, E3 certified products in low to high volume quantities.

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Circuit Card Assembly (CCA)

As an industry leader in design and manufacture of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs), Calian uses both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-hole Technology (THT) allowing flexibility to support new and legacy designs. Calian specializes in low to medium-rate production of CCAs from simple to highly complex designs. By following all IPC and industry standards, we ensure that customer requirements are met across all programs inclusive of commercial, government and defence.

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