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Antenna Systems

This composite carbon fiber antenna system is designed to meet the demanding performance and operational requirements needed for Ka-band frequencies, Q/V-band frequencies and beyond.

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Gateway Earth Stations

Calian, Advanced Technologies RF communication systems are used by operators worldwide to handle revenue-generating customer traffic and monitor and control bandwidth allocation and usage.

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TT&C Systems

The demanding management and technical requirements of TT&C Systems demonstrate the depth of our capabilities. Systems with a mean time between failures of 15,000 hours assure network control.

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Mobile Satellite Service (MSS)

Advance Ground Based Beam Forming network integration including feeder links, TT&C, Uplink Power Control, Monitor and Control System, and automatic Doppler compensation.

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Earth Observation Systems

Earth Observation Ground Systems deliver high-performance tracking services. Solutions include civil works, design, installation, commissioning, buildings, diesel backup power generation, roads, and uninterruptable power supply systems.

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Beacon Generator

Calian’s Beacon Generator provides a known ground reference for accurate positioning of satellite antennas. The generator produces an exceptionally clean modulated signal and is designed for highly reliable operations. Calian Beacon Generators and Beacon Uplink Systems are deployed around the globe.

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