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I5 Inmarsat Global Xpress

Calian, Advanced Technologies was responsible for all aspects of the I5 Global Xpress Gateway systems including the design, procurement, integration, installation and test of Inmarsat’s next-generation Ka-band satellite program. Six systems were provided worldwide with three systems acting as primary sites and three systems provided for diversity/backup operations.

Inmarsat 4 Radio Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

Calian, Advanced Technologies provided the design, development, procurement, assembly, test, integration, delivery, installation and test of the BGAN Radio Frequency subsystem. The RF subsystems operate at both C-band and L-band to provide the transmission and reception of communication signals between the ground-based RFS and the Inmarsat 4 satellites. Six sites were provided worldwide to provide both primary and backup operations.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Calian, Advanced Technologies provides the baseband encoding and uplink capability for both SXM Satellite Radio uplinks. Each Uplink Delivery System (UDS) encodes and relays audio and data radio programming from SXM’s programming centers to two geosynchronous satellites for rebroadcast to digital radio receivers anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

After the audio input streams are encoded, broadcast program channels and uplinked TDM streams are created with custom application software developed by Calian, Advanced Technologies. The system includes multiple hardware and software redundancy to ensure 24/7 operations. The associated antenna and RF equipment for the uplink was also provided by Calian, Advanced Technologies.